Akuji: The Heartless Credits (PlayStation)

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Akuji: The Heartless Credits


Crystal Dynamics Director Glen A. Schofield
Crystal Dynamics ProducerSam Player
Crystal Dynamics Lead ProgrammerDavid Minogue
Crystal Dynamics Lead DesignJosh Rose
Crystal Dynamics ProgrammersTom Desmarais, Jeffrey McArthur, David Miles
Crystal Dynamics ArtistsRodger Ferris, Todd Gantzler, Damon Redmond, Steven A. Ross, Glen A. Schofield, Robb Waters
Crystal Dynamics AnimatorsTyrone Depts, Spencer Hale, James Houska, Trol
Crystal Dynamics DesignersEgan Hirvela, Jeffrey Morgan, Christopher Porter, Quinlan Richards, Bret Robbins
Crystal Dynamics Stunt DesignerGerald Vera
Crystal Dynamics Director of Audio VisualSteve Papoutsis
Crystal Dynamics Music and Adaptive Audio ProgrammingJim Hedges
Crystal Dynamics Audio ProgrammingFred Mack
Crystal Dynamics Additional ProgrammingCharles Martin, Jonah Stich, Meilin Wong
Crystal Dynamics Executive ProducerJonathan Miller
Crystal Dynamics Senior ProducerJeffrey M. Zwelling
Crystal Dynamics VP of MarketingScott A. Steinberg
Crystal Dynamics Marketing ManagerJim Curry
Crystal Dynamics Public RelationsSteve Groll
Crystal Dynamics Marketing AssociateBrian Silva
Crystal Dynamics Test ManagerAlex Ness
Crystal Dynamics Lead TesterC. Matthew Prescott
Crystal Dynamics TestersChristopher Bruno, James Cabot, Rolef Conlan, Casey Craig, Rich Krinock, Damien Lacey, Samson Maciel, Todd Malone, Mark Medeiros, Billy Mitchell, Christopher Pappalardo, Adi Taylor, Tony Townsend
Crystal Dynamics Akuji Story & ScriptJim Curry, Eric Lindstrom
Crystal Dynamics Voice Of AkujiRichard Roundtree
Crystal Dynamics Voice of KeshoJamesetta Bunn
Crystal Dynamics Voice of Baron SamediPetri Hawkins-Byrd
Crystal Dynamics Special Thanks ToPatrick Bradley, David Dao, Robert K. Dyer, Rita Fovenyessy, Karl Hagemann, Doug Leslie, Adrian Longland, Chris Stefanetti, Christopher Stone, Steve M. Suhy, Christoper A. Tremmel, Lita Unruh
Eidos UK Quality AssuranceJason Walker, Patrick Cowan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Walker (1776)