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The title page.
Cinematics are pre-rendered in higher definition than the actual game.
Sydney's first mission is to infiltrate a casino.
But it isn't long before she starts booting heads.
As with the TV show, Sydney's wardrobe plays in important part in defeating evil.
"Enhanced" vision tracks enemies not visible on the screen.
Hacking a computer involves determining one of only 24 possible combinations.
At times, the screen splits to track a hostile that needs to be avoided.
If the insanely clunky movement and camera controls aren't "console port" enough for you, there are also save checkpoints.
Using lock picks. Nowhere near as interesting as it looks.
Morgue workers are always grumpy when you interrupt their break.
Thermal vision makes it easier to deal with enemies in poorly lit areas.
Yeah, most terrorists bring push brooms to gunfights.
This is about as expressive as virtual Sydney gets.
Now how did that get here?

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