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Alien 8 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
Starting location
Anybody got any cheese?
Oh! Neat-o!
I lost a life.
Game over

BBC Micro version

Loading screen
Fairly plain title screen
The opening screen where you start
Clockwork mice
Doors can be on the ground or in the air.
Some of these platforms move back and forth
The item at the top of that pile of blocks is quite hard to reach
The Game Over screen

MSX version

Play select screen
Obstacles are blocking your way
Don't touch that mouse
Collect objects

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
One of those off-shoot rooms
Game start
Screen colours are varied
The blocks disintegrate as you go
So be careful
How do you get through here?
The fuzzy bit forces you around the room
Game over
And this is your punishment
Loading Screen.