Alien Breed: Tower Assault Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Title screen (AGA version)

Amiga CD32 version

The CD32 version of Tower Assault also includes Alien Breed II, which was not released stand-alone for the console.
A shot from the very long intro.
Main menu.
Briefing for level 1.
Start of the first level.
A message left behind.
I need to get in there somehow!
I found a overview map.
Don't look down now!
Destroying a couple of generators.
Finally inside one of the buildings.
Damn, I didn't survive for long.
Game over statistics.
Alien Breed II: Title screen.
Alien Breed II: High score.
Alien Breed II: Loading level 1.
Alien Breed II: Briefing for level 1.
Alien Breed II: This game is tough!

DOS version

Main Title (from intro cinematic)
Commander informs about Military Research Unit attacked by unknown aliens.
Special team of tough marines is sent immediately to planet Azarin 2E.
They are travelling through the tractless voids of space.
No one expected fully operational defense lasers.
One by one, every ship is shot down - only one marine will survive.
Title screen
Crash landing site.
Smartcard reader.
Civilian zone.
The Intex network terminal.
Intex tool supply menu.
Not enough cash for better gun.
Destroy generators to gain access to Science facility.
Science facility.
Beware of guns mounted on the walls.
Sector description
Dead scientist
Surrounded by aliens
Zoom out
Game over