Alien³ Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Level Complete
Alien scum
Crawling through the vent
Damaged by a fan
Guardian One
"I hope there's some of those aliens hanging here"
"I'm dying for something to eat, yet the cafeteria's closed"
"Help! That huge alien's gonna eat me! HELP!"
Guardian Two
Tip: Pick one of the drums up, then throw it at the alien
Guardian Three
Crawling through another vent
Just want to be loved by you
Guardian Four
Another one of those aliens
Guardian Five

Commodore 64 version

Stage 01
In the Vent
Level Complete
Stage 02
Guardian One
Stage 04
Stage 05
Stage 06
Guardian Two
Stage 08
Stage 09
Stage 10
Guardian Three
Stage 13
Guardian Four

Game Gear version

Title screen
Short intro
Getting ready...
Picking up items
Below, you can see the beast approaching one of the prisoners
Got into the room, only to be attacked by the blue beast
Riding a platform

Genesis version

Title Screen
Ahh! Alien.
Grenade launcher good, fire BAD.
Any deadly life up there?
Aliens have taken over here.

SEGA Master System version

Saving comrade
High scores
Getting Health
long ladder to trapped human
save that human
Enemies everywhere