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Aliens: The Computer Game Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

On this screen, enter a mission status code or start a new mission
Mission Briefing
Before you get into the action, you must first identify your equipment
Fly the pod safely to LV-426 without letting your compliance slip into the red
If compliance is in the red, you will have to retry
Landed safely at the complex
Search the complex for aliens, and get to the operations room
Watch out for the alien
The aliens get Dietrich
Dietrich is dead
Climb through the airduct and reach the exit
Find and rescue Newt before time runs out
Rescue mission failed
Ripley comes face-to-face with the Queen
Hurt the Queen with the handles of the forklift

Apple II version

Title Screen
The Story of Aliens
Introductory Briefing
Weapons Orientation
My Marines
Must Keep Landing Optimal
Landed on Planet
Exploring Underground
Encountering an Alien

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Landing Sequence
Recognize the equipment
All the levels are introduced with snippets of dialogue from the movie
Ripley on her way to rescue the marines
In this stage Ripley must try to fend off as many aliens as possible
Trying to get through the air duct
Intro to level 5
Ripley tries to find Newt
Ripley is about to face the alien queen
The final battle

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
Setting the scene
Board of Inquiry
Talking to the crew
Equipment identification
Ready to start
Keep in the circles
An Alien to kill
Keep firing