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One of the true legends in the FPS genre. Windows Gatekeeper (310)
If you liked the Alien movies, get this atmospheric game! Windows Clockwork (187)

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MacintoshmacHOME (2001)
On top of all the single-player levels, multiplayer action lets you hone your favorite character online or on a network. While the graphics are dated, the dark mood and triple-variety of Aliens vs. Predator Gold make the game worthwhile.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Sep 21, 2001)
Aliens vs. Predator Gold Edition has been worth the wait. Any time you get a game that's an adaptation of another source, it's usually a rush job, a pastiche of the most popular elements with little of the original's flavor. AvP Gold, however, successfully captures the feel of not one, but two film franchises, and blends them together without sacrificing from either one.
WindowsImperium Gier (Oct 10, 2001)
AVP w wersji Gold nie jest całkiem nową grą jeżeli chodzi o single player. Za to daje nam nowe i ekscytujące możliwości do gry multiplayer. Nowe plansze i rodzaje broni przyczyniają się do spędzenia jeszcze wielu godzin na morderczej walce gatunków. I w sumie o to chodzi. Drugim prawdopodobnym powodem powstania wersji Gold jest staranie podtrzymania u graczy smaku na gry związane z tematyką Aliens. Dlaczego? A no dlatego, że w przygotowaniu znajduje się już gra Alien Resurrection. Będzie to już nie tylko gra akcji, ale i przygodówka. Więc czekając na Alien Resurrection "popykajmy" jeszcze w AVP Gold.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Nov 29, 2001)
Well the good news is that overall the game is amazing. The bad news is that a few extremely minor tweaks would have made it even better, especially in the multiplayer arena. Granted, none of these problems are related to the Mac port – they are all relics of the PC version. But since we did have to wait several Christmas shopping seasons longer than everyone else had to, you would expect these issues to be addressed. Right?
MacintoshAll Game Guide (2001)
For the fan tired of the all-too-familiar formula pervading the first-person shooter genre, it's a challenging and invigorating change of pace. Novices or thrill seekers looking to experience the worlds of some of the most famous creatures of cinematic sci-fi history need look no further -- just don't expect victory to come easily.
WindowsGry Onet (Aug 22, 2000)
To byłby koniec zmian. Czy zatem dodanie kilkunastu plansz, dwóch broni i wprowadzenie możliwości sejwowania podczas gry byłoby warte wydania około stu złotych? Decyzja należy do was. Mnie się podobało.
MacintoshMac Gamer (Nov 19, 2001)
Overall, this game gets a big thumbs up even though it is three years old. I played this game with Mac OS9 and 8.6 with no bugs appearing except for the ones I was shooting at. I can't speak for OSX performance. I'm sorry. I hope to get up to speed with OSX in the near future. AvP's weak point is a substandard multiplayer interface. The graphics while not state-of-the-art are just fine. the price is reasonable. And the relatively low system requirements will allow most Mac Gamers to play it.
WindowsGamer's Pulse (May 29, 2000)
Overall, my experience playing this game was pleasant. I enjoyed the character aspects mostly, but this is mainly because of their recognizable film counterparts. This is the best game to come out of the Aliens franchise, and to my knowledge the only one to come from the Predator’s. It really brought back those childhood memories of being so terrified and fascinated of the Aliens, and for that I commend Fox Interactive. Go buy this game if you are a fan of either franchise, and if not…then I suggest you go buy your silly little Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover kit and sit quietly in the corner.
WindowsDeaf Gamers (2000)
A very good FPS that gives you everything you could wish for. A very good game providing you don’t own the original, if you do then give it a miss. This is not for the deaf gamer unless you really like the hard life.
WindowsGamesdog (Dec 15, 2003)
With the walkthroughs on the net to make up for no strategy guide in the budget version, AVP Gold's an excellent package and you can get practicing for the sequel. If you already have it, then now it's not too excessively priced at £5 to buy it again.
WindowsGameSpy (May 01, 2000)
Overall, AvP Gold is a fun game, even though it doesn't have the qualities to hold itself up there with the Half-Lifes, Unreals, and Quakes of the gaming community. Still, if you need something to play that will keep you occupied for a while, AvP has some great atmosphere, variation, and is just plain fun. There is not enough new content here to recommend previous owners of AvP go out and slap down $30, especially since the multiplayer is essentially useless until MPlayer incorporates it, or other programs or services support it. So there you have it, fellow gamers; pick up AvP Gold only if you don't have the original. Oh, and look out. There's a Xenomorph on your ceiling.
60 (Jan, 2002)
Mise à part le côté graphique qui tend à se faire vieilot, le jeu tient la route. Une atmosphere qui vous tient en haleine, des sons magnifiques et le choix des races et leurs différences rendent le tout assez prennant.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Apr 30, 2000)
Deciding whether or not to buy this game is really a no-brainer. If you enjoyed the single player game only to put it away, the gold edition is just a waste. If you only play multiplayer (or, possibly, Skirmish mode) then you can purchase the new bits for $9.99. While it can't compensate for the lack of a user/developer community, it more than doubles the number of levels available (from seven to 16). Of course, not everybody wants to spend $1.00 apiece for a collection of derivative levels and some minor game improvements that could have been released as a patch. If you haven't picked up the game yet, however, then go out and buy it - Aliens vs. Predator Gold fixes a lot of the original version's flaws, and also comes with Prima's official strategy guide. Besides, it's a hell of a game.
WindowsGame Over Online (Apr 25, 2000)
The bottom line is this, if you already own the original Aliens vs. Predator, you're basically paying $30 US for the Millenium Expansion Pack and the Strategy Guide, barring that you didn't already purchase the guide to begin with, and that's pretty weak. If you don't own Aliens vs. Predator, this is a perfect package. I'm not here to judge Aliens vs. Predator as a package though, we've already reviewed the original game thoroughly and awarded it accordingly ( Review ). I'm here to judge the new additions to the game and in that respect the Gold Edition comes up short.