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Xbox 360games xtreme (Jan 19, 2012)
It's not a bad twin-stick shooter; it's a bit shallow compared to Dead Nation and so on. It's got real potential; the lack of online play really causes it to become a single player or rare couch co-op affair. So it lost a few points for that.
Xbox 360Game Informer Magazine (Jan 10, 2012)
I don’t regret the time I spent with All Zombies Must Die, but there isn’t enough about the game that sets it apart from the myriad other titles like it on the digital marketplace. If you’re looking for some decent Zombies Ate My Neighbors-style couch co-op action, you can do a lot worse for your $10. If you want a game that innovates on the twin-stick shooter genre in a meaningful way, however, I wouldn’t look here.
Xbox 360NZGamer (Jan 27, 2012)
At its core, All Zombies Must Die is a solid shooter with RPG elements and a decent level of character upgrading. Unfortunately, it's let down a little by the monotonous missions of 'kill that' or 'collect this'. Rachel isn't a particularly likable either - of course, you don't have to use her at all!
WindowsSpazio Games (May 01, 2012)
La voce dei fan risulta essere uno delle principali fonti di ispirazione e l'indicazione principale che ogni sviluppatore dovrebbe seguire. Grazie a questo, il team di sviluppo di All Zombies Must Die! è riuscito a portare la carneficina di zombie tipica del titolo anche su PC, con una serie di modifiche che giovano fortemente all'esperienza di gioco, rendendo il prodotto meno frustrante. Quello che tuttavia lascia ancora basiti è la mancanza di una modalità multigiocatore online, così come l'impossibilità di mantenere due savegame differenti qualora volessimo ricominciare l'avventura da capo insieme ai nostri amici senza perdere i progressi raggiunti in singolo.
70 (Apr 10, 2012)
All Zombies Must Die! si presenta come un twin analog shooter simpatico, tecnicamente ben fatto, con uno stile grafico riconoscibile e alcune buone qualità, ad esempio l'implementazione delle dinamiche sparatutto e il focus sull'esperienza dei personaggi, con il progressivo miglioramento delle loro abilità. Esplorare i quartieri di Deadhill e affrontare le varie tipologie di zombie, costruendo nel frattempo nuove armi, è divertente sulle prime ma purtroppo stanca in fretta. L'esperienza, infatti, soffre per via di una certa ripetitività delle missioni, che nella maggior parte dei casi implicano la raccolta di determinati oggetti in giro per la mappa, nonché per la mancanza di un multiplayer online che di certo avrebbe potuto rendere tutto più simpatico.
Xbox 360Official XBox Magazine (Dec 28, 2011)
Simple RPG-style leveling lets you customize your characters a bit, but the crafting system that augments weapons is more fun. Don’t expect much experimentation: If mixing an assault rifle with a megaphone adds sonic damage, you can be sure that mouthpiece does the same for every other weapon as well. Still, there’s much to be said for electrified pistols and radioactive swords, even if the slaughter gets repetitive well before the final battle.
Xbox 360Game Over Online (Jan 16, 2012)
All Zombies Must Die!, no relation to All Orcs Must Die!, straddles the boundary between cartoony fun and crazy, over-the-top fun. It feels like it tries to enter wild territory with its alien protagonist, crazy weapon combinations, and sentient-robot-doors, but it never quite goes all the way. I like the personality of the game, but it could've dived futher into its wacky roots. Instead, everything is a little forgettable. The characters, locations, and story aren't anything to write home about, and that's unfortunate. It might not reinvigorate the tired zombie arcade game formula, or push any boundaries, but it knows what it is. Think of it as Dead Island's simplified arcade cousin, but with a very different look to it. If that sounds like your thing, All Zombies Must Die! isn't likely to disappoint.
Xbox 360Gaming Nexus (Jan 23, 2012)
All Zombies Must Die may sound like a senseless action game, but it turns out to be a moderately deep role-playing game. Part dual-stick shooter and part dungeon crawler, Doublesix's newest zombie game has a lot going for it. Unfortunately it's marred by repetitive gameplay, too many fetch quests, lame jokes and horrendous collision detection!
Xbox 360Vandal Online (Jan 11, 2012)
All zombies must die! viene a sumarse a la larga lista de juegos sobre muertos vivientes que vemos últimamente por nuestras consolas, y al igual que muchos de ellos es un juego divertido para pasar un rato de acción sin complicaciones. Pese a que pretende incluir interesantes novedades respecto a otros juegos, como ese leve toque de personalización, la creación de armas, o el intercambio de personajes, tenemos la sensación de que han quedado como pequeños y simples añadidos, más que como elementos diferenciadores. En resumen, un juego recomendado a los seguidores del mundo zombi, que, sin embargo, puede resultar algo monótono.
Xbox 360Destructoid (Jan 03, 2012)
It generally goes without saying that most games are more entertaining with friends. Sadly, I found all the robust RPG, questing, and crafting experiences in All Zombie Must Die better suited for my single-player excursions. Now this isn't to say that I had more fun going it solo, it'd just that with the many layers and length of the overall game, seeing this game to its completion with a four couch-camping companions may be a tad unobtainable. There is a lot to love with All Zombies Must Die, from its more humorous writing to its charming visuals, but ultimately the game fails to deliver the in-depth multiplayer experience it set out to. There's a solid experience to be had from start to finish, but unless you've been in a coma, or underneath a rock for the last few years, you've probably already played this game.
Xbox 360IGN (Jan 03, 2012)
With the exception of a few controller-hurling quests, I enjoyed my time with All Zombies Must Die, but that doesn't mean I can let it pass for being such a shallow experience. Once you've taken your first quest from a gatekeeper and moved to the next area, you know what to expect for the rest of the game. That's not the worst thing in the world, but it's not the most exciting.
Xbox 360XboxAddict (Jan 30, 2012)
For 800 MS points All Zombies Must Die does provide some entertainment, however with the absence of online co-op play, lackluster graphics and sound, this is a game that will become very boring very quickly. With other great titles on the Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MS points that offer a lot more enjoyment and online play with others, All Zombies Must Die is a perfect example of how something that could have been very good gets turned into something very generic and boring. Should you spend your 800 MS points on this game? If you like wasting your points then by all means download away.
Xbox 360Giant Bomb (Jan 12, 2012)
Crafting irradiated shotguns to better dispatch the undead is a great idea, but clunky combat and a lack of mission variety keep this downloadable shooter from realizing its potential.
PlayStation 3Giant Bomb (Jan 12, 2012)
Crafting irradiated shotguns to better dispatch the undead is a great idea, but clunky combat and a lack of mission variety keep this downloadable shooter from realizing its potential.
Xbox 3603D Juegos (Jan 11, 2012)
Con unas ocho horas de duración, All Zombies Must Die! resulta ser un juego con buenas ideas con el que se pueden pasar muy buenos momentos, pero la excesiva repetición de misiones y la imprecisión de su sistema de combate terminan por pasarle factura.
Xbox 360GameSpot (Jan 03, 2012)
All Zombies Must Die is an ambitious entry in the top-down, dual-stick shooter genre, and most of its ideas are successful. Giving you activities to partake in outside of combat does a good job of keeping you engaged, and even the story adds to the enjoyment. But the combat is so flawed that it saps much of that goodwill. Getting overwhelmed by a crowd of zombies (with little chance to escape) is an all-too-common cause of death, and the relentless backtracking makes progress a tiresome slog. All Zombies Must Die has a lot of potential, but poor design choices ultimately hold back its bold ambition.
Xbox (Jan 04, 2012)
Petit prix pour un petit jeu, All Zombies Must Die ne va pas marquer votre ludothèque de son empreinte. Toutefois, son petit côté sympa et sans prise de tête peut suffire aux joueurs qui ne sont pas trop exigeants malgré la répétitivité des situations et quelques problèmes de gameplay. A essayer.
Xbox 360Edge (Jan 23, 2012)
Some of these problems are mitigated by playing with friends, four-player co-op enabling all characters to be present and taking the sting out of individual deaths, but in time the constant grind will still take its toll. Like any good zombie fiction, the real enemy in AZMD! isn't the walking dead, but the humans who created them.
Xbox (UK) (Jan 09, 2012)
All Zombies Must Die takes a timeworn premise that should be fun and cathartic and seemingly goes out of its way to make it repetitive, fiddly and annoying. If you have a trio of friends close to hand, the co-op aspect might just be enough to rescue it from the depths of mediocrity, but if you're planning on playing solo you'd be far better served by trying one of the dozens of other zombie blasters on the market.
Xbox 360PC Invasion (INC Gamers) (Jan 05, 2012)
Taking into account that All Zombies Must Die! will set you back only about £8, it’s not a terrible purchase. But it isn’t one that is easy to recommend, even at that price. If you’re desperate for something to play while you wait for new post-Christmas content to hit for real then give it a shot. There’s nothing all that wrong here, there’s just nothing all that right either.
Xbox (Jan 03, 2012)
Despite a few interesting innovations it's not only the enemies that are passed their sell by date in this bland downloadable shooter.
Xbox 360Gameplanet (Feb 02, 2012)
With the soaring popularity of everything zombie-related, doublesix really hasn't done enough to ensure a positive legacy for this downloadable title.
Xbox 360Darkstation (Jan 20, 2012)
All Zombies Must Die is a $10 downloadable game that fails to reach the bar it sets by its own absurdity. After a few hours you’re killing zombies with flaming shotguns and chainsaws and its pure craziness. But, the humor in the game from the characters never reaches that same level of craziness. Instead it feels like the characters are trying too hard to make you laugh. The dialogue becomes that awkward co-worker who makes jokes no one laughs at even though they know it would be funny out of someone else’s mouth. It’s a real shame too, because a top down RPG with zombies and insanity could be totally awesome. Overall though AZMD misses its mark too many times and creates a stagnant game that is just like the enemies that populate the world; brainless fodder that is only mildly funny a small percentage of the time.
Xbox (Jan 20, 2012)
Wenn ihr einen Kumpel auf die Couch bekommen könnt, macht es sogar ein wenig Spaß, zehn Untote mit einem mächtigen Schuss aus der Schrotflinte zu töten. Alleine jedoch beschwert ihr euch in der zweiten Hälfte über die teilweise schon unfairen Kämpfe, die eindeutig für mehrere Zombiejäger konzipiert wurden. Schade, dass der Multiplayer-Modus online nicht funktioniert.