All Zombies Must Die! Screenshots

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Windows version

Title Screen
A scene from the intro
A zombie is digging out...through asphalt
Some zombie punching
A turret with a name???
A shotgun is much more useful
That's the night of the burning dead
Level statistics
Details about a zombie type
"Normal" zombies are not a problem...their number is!
Main menu.
Keyboard help.
Passing through gates between areas, usually comes with an additional requirement.
Shotguns are extremely effective at medium to short range. Trying to herd a bunch of flaming zombies before finishing them off with a few shots.
Reaching the Police Station, encountering Rachel, your sister. One of many characters that may be recruited later in the game.
Found a new weapon. The cricket bat does melee damage, while powering it up may literally knock out zombies out of the ballpark.
A smart bombs does 'area of effect' damage in a small area surrounding the player. Only a maximum of two smart bombs may be collected at any given time.
Sonic zombies appear when normal zombies come in contact with sonic frequencies, such as this police siren. A visible headphone distinguishes it from normal zombies.
Enraged zombies only appear in 'All Zombies Must Die' quests.
A few missions into the game, the player will acquire a base of operations, where the player may create new objects and level up.
The map of the surrounding areas. Unfortunately no local map is available.
Base - At the toilet facilities (don't ask), the player may view the character sheet and level up the character.
Distribute points to four different skill. Each different game character have different requirements in raising a different skill.
Base - Crafting allows the player to combine items to create a new item. Here combining a shotgun with firewood to create a fire-based shotgun.