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Alternate Reality: The City Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro - A peaceful town... invaded by a flying saucer!
Title screen
The title tune has sing-along lyrics.
Character statistics generator
Game start
Weapon and armor shop - they have their music complete with sing-along lyrics too.
Nighttime raining
Outside the palace gates
At the palace gates, being attacked by a ghoul.
Encountering a gremlin
Being accosted by a skeleton
Surprised by an arch-mage
Attacking a giant rat
The tavern also has a sing-along melody.
Checking at the Inn
Ghosts. I don't think you can kill one. Maybe you can exorcise them?
Imp attacking
Assaulting a novice
A fighter charging

Apple II version

Alien Abduction in the Introduction
Title Screen
Main Menu
Choosing Your Stats Via Alien Machine
Starting in the City
Initial Encounter Options

Atari 8-bit version

A Normal day in the city, or is it?
Alien ship arrives and begins abducting people with a beam of light
Ship turns before entering hyperspace
Determining your ability scores
Outside in the city
One of the city's shoppes

Atari ST version

From the intro
Character generation
The starting point
The best bargain store
The tavern is closed
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Title and credits
Exploring the city
Encountering a merchant
In a shop
Fighting against a poor beggar
It's raining
Encountering a skeleton
An inn
Determining your character's stats before entering the city

DOS version

From the intro - the Aliens appear over your city [EGA]
Deciding your abilities [EGA]
Visiting the Smithy [EGA]
Out on the streets [EGA]
Encountering a city guard

Macintosh version

Intro - ship arriving
Character generator screen
Exploring the City Square
Encountered an Acolyte
In a tavern
Weather has changed, and I'm on my way to a smithy
This weapon is a little over my budget
"Fine Pink Cotton Socks" - that's something I can afford.
Encountered a Fighter