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The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Select your language
Select your skill level
The story is told in comic panels. Cap arrives at the castle and has to fight a robot then the Rhino.
Cap and the robot, getting into it.
The robot is scrap metal.
Cap and Rhino throw down.
Spidey fighting the robot.
Spidey shot some web.
Spidey can cling to the ceiling, for a short time.
Spidey fighting Machete.
As the story continues, Zaran and Batroc the Leaper attack Captain America.
Cap and Zaran, going at it.
Cap threw his shield.
Cap and Batroc fight.

Atari ST version

Copyright details
Loading screen
The skill levels
Part of the comic book sequence
Ready for the first fight
Take that!
Is this the end for Captain America?
Yes, it is

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
A comic "cutscene", showing some of the upcoming challenges.
Captain America fights a robot.
Spiderman's comic
Spiderman vs Machete
Rhino is dangerous
The Captain gets thrown around by a large gorilla

DOS version

Title screen
Intro Comics sheet
Ingame shot
Ingame shot
Comics sheet
Ingame shot
Ingame shot
Comics sheet
Title screen. (EGA)
Comic book pages tell the story. (EGA)
Captain America takes on a robot that transforms into a box. (EGA)
Captain America bites it. (EGA)
Way to fail Captain America. (EGA)
Title screen. (CGA)
Comic book pages. (CGA)
Captain America leaps into the air for no reason. (CGA)

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Copy protection details don't seem to be available online
The first page
Captain America can destroy easily this one using only shield. :D
Keep distances with this one.
The second page
You can destroy this one with webs, but it's better to get closer and use kicks.
That sword can be a problem, but he has a long range weapon that is worse.
The third page
Fighting with Zaran
Batroc is going to bite the dust.
The fourth page
Eduardo Lobo is only dangerous when he gets closer.
Avoid Boomerang's boots, they are worse than his weapons.
The last page
This one is the hardest enemies of the game.
The final boss is easier to defeat when you duck.