The Amazing Spider-Man Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen

Atari ST version

Title screen
Language selection
Starting point of level one
A big elevator
The floor looks dangerous
A hole in the floor and a mummy...

Commodore 64 version

Riding on top of a helicopter
Crawling up a wall
Walking on the ceiling
Using your Spider-Web as a grappling hook
Mysterio's End?
Take 1
Bad Moon Rising
On top of a crucifix
Mummy's Revenge
Game Over, Spidey

DOS version

Title screen with language selection menu
Your quest begins
Watch out for the mummy
Hanging out at the foyer.
Webslinging at the lifts.
Entering 'Take 1'.
An easy way to get over a fire pit.
Climbing aboard the Black Thunder.
It's Mysterio!
Oh no! Mary Jane is dead!
High scores.