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Defender of the Crown II Screenshots (Amiga CD32)

User Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

The title screen.
Graphics by the famous Amiga artist James D. Sachs
England 1192.
The good King Richard.
Choose a Saxon Lord to play as.
Meeting with Robin Hood.
The main game map.
The fair Lady Anne has been kidnapped... Do you attempt a rescue?
A Norman castle at night.
Sword fighting.
A new picture for the love scene.
Normans... I hate those guys!
Time to teach this Norman a lesson with your sword!
Preparing for the joust.
Choosing who you will joust against.
Overview of the jousting field.
Here I come on my horse!
Here he comes on his horse!
Trying to knock the other guy off with my lance!
Those trumpet guys again...
The resource screen.
Tremble at my big bad army attacking your castle!
Catapult time!
The fair Saxon lady Anne.
The fair Saxon lady Katherine.
Another castle at night.
Shadows of the two lovers during the love scene.