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X-COM: UFO Defense Screenshots (Amiga CD32)

User Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

This city's peaceful times are over right about now.
European title screen.
Language selection with a typo for the German language.
I just built my first base.
This is the base overview.
Research is an important part of the game, I'll start out with laser weapons.
Buying some new equipment.
The number above the newly placed rooms represents the days remaining until their construction is complete.
Equipping one of my fighters.
Checking out the encyclopedia.
My current finances.
Aha! UFO detected!
Taking a good look at my enemy.
Mission briefing.
I just landed with my team.
My tank's missiles do some serious damage.
This is a screen you will be seeing very often on the Amiga versions of the game.
Mission map - the white dots on the top depict alien bodies.
Getting ready to enter the UFO.
Alien spotted!
One of my soldiers became unconscious, maybe I can still save him.
Equipping a grenade.
The angle through the window is unfavourable, I can't get a good shot.
Mission debriefing - I lost way too many soldiers.
Intercepting an UFO over Turkey.