1990: Die 1993'er Edition Credits (Amiga)

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1990: Die 1993'er Edition Credits


Game IdeaAndreas Neumann
GraphicsDaniel Rädel
ProgramAndreas Neumann
Content PortionJochen Himpel
Title ScreenJörg Himpel
Title and Ending MusicUdo Paschke
In‑Game Music (Events)Volker Tripp (Dens Design Germany)
Additional GraphicsAndreas Neumann
"1990" is packed withTurboImploder
It contains the national anthems of the following nationsLithuania, FRG, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Kenya, USA, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Romania, Austria, Netherlands, Mexico, Morocco, India, Israel, USSR, Italy, Japan, Cuba, PR China, Brazil, France
Thanks toPatrick Quaid (for a great PD Pascal compiler), Software Distillery for the BLink, Charlie Gibbs (for the A68K), Teijo Kinnunen (for the MED), Matthew Dillon (for a marvellous editor), Metacomco for the first usable Pascal compiler, Albert Strujik (for the Imploder 4.0), Albert J. Brouwer (for the Imploder 4.0), Pepe Kolb (for the outstanding digis), Peter Neumann (for creative hints), Brigitta Neumann (for supporting literature), Frau Plavec for two years social studies lessons, Gerhard Raichle (for the politics advanced course), Uwe Knierim (for his interest for the 'Zaubermeister'), Rüdiger Dombrowski (for his 'Antares' series), Mark Knopfler (for superb music), Holger Franz (for his 'Franz' series), John Cleese (for Monthy Python), Terry Gilliam (for Monthy Python), Eric Idle (for Monthy Python), Graham Chapman (for Monthy Python), Terry Jones (for Monthy Python), Michael Palin (for Monthy Python), Dieter Hildebrandt (for 'Scheibenwischer'), Douglas Adams (for his great books), Daniel Swertz (for a great random routine), Willi Hillenbrand (for constant motivation), Gesa Wilski (for the 'Russian' caps), Bettina Uhse (for the Russian uniform)
A bit of advertising... for high quality musics and sound effects write to this addressDens Design Germany; Volker Tripp; In der Ziegelheide 15; 46398 Bocholt; Germany
Greetings toKarsten Priesett, Stefan Hartmann, Nils Kasubbe, Robert Marekovic, Alex [Goli], Lythande, Bernd Künnen (Diesel)
Greetings to the ex 11aRalf, Marko, Thorsten, Dominik, Thomas, Holger, Tobias, Brigitte, Jenny, Nicole, Andrea, Petzi, Michaela, Nina, Dagmar, Ulli, Steffi, Kathrin, Tanja, Tine, Dani, Olli [the ex‑ex]
Greetings to (continued)Julia, Bella, Hajo Stengert, Franz Hauerstein, Robert Praeger, TRIXAMIXT [Moin Excutor!], Wonko the Sane, Michael Grimm, Aaron Zarndorf
Greetings to the ex politics advanced courseJochen, Andrea, Claudia, Nicole, Robin, Oliver, Mariza, Thorsten, Isabel
Greetings to (continued) Peter Händel, Thomad Randig, Stefan Grad, Thomas Hirmer, the Joker Verlag
Special Greetings toNils Sautter, Michael Reiserer, all TUC members

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (211106)