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Abandoned Places 2 Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

This is from the mysterious intro.
Creating a party of four adventurers. Two fighters, a wizard, and a healer is a good mix.
You start the game deep down in a crypt.
Chests can contain various treasures.
Finally out in the open air.
Fighting with angry bears.
A city is seen in the distance.
Inside the city, you can visit different shops, and a tavern.
This is the tavern. We can buy food and beverage here.
The blacksmith is selling weapons and armor, but everything is very expensive.
Attacked by demons. I need to use healing spells to survive this encounter.
My party has found the entrance to the dwarven mines.
Even the dwarfs wants us dead.
Character sheet and inventory.
Use switches to open hidden passages.
The passage is blocked, and we need to find another way.
I wonder what will happen if we step on these pressure plates?
Using the spell meteor swarm against the enemies.
Not only fire, but also water is deadly in this game. A levitation spell might help us cross this dangerous room.
The creepy game over screen.