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Air Warrior Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
There are lots of vehicles to choose from
Help screen
On the starting field in my Fw 190
Taking off in a most unbecoming fashion
Trying to level up the plane
Playing online on GEnie: Making an approach towards an enemy airfield
One plane blown up
The planes seem to be bitmaps rather than vectors
Just like today, online players in the early 90s complained about their fps
4657 blown up
Hunting two enemy planes
Another plane crashes into the strip
Hurling lead at the enemy
A dogfight above the observation tower
Oh man, look at the bz
(v2.9) A recorded dogfighting school
Here, the recorded chat log is used to instruct the player
Diving toward a Pacific island
A characteristic profile with double fuselages
Taka taka taka taka
A hit!
The squadron roster
Airfield approach from the outside