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Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds Credits

19 people


ProgrammingAndrew Clitheroe
Game DesignAndrew Clitheroe
GraphicsAndrew Clitheroe
Level Editor CodingAndrew Clitheroe
Additional ProgrammingDaniel Hansen
Menu ProgrammingDaniel Hansen
IntroDaniel Hansen
2D Alien DesignMichael Green
Robot DesignMichael Green
Textures and RenderingMichael Green
3D Object DesignerCharles Blessing
Vector DesignCharles Blessing
Vector EditorsCharles Blessing
Serial Link CodeCharles Blessing
Additional GraphicsWiggz
Level Sound tracksBen Chanter
Incidental MusicBen Chanter
Additional Wall GraphicsJackie Lang
Level DesignJackie Lang
MotivationJackie Lang
Background ArtworkRory McLeish, Pete Lyon
Sound FX Bjørn Arild Lynne
Development DirectorMartyn James Brown
Project ManagerPhil Quirke-Webster
Q.A. ManagementPhil Quirke-Webster
Assistant Project ManagementCraig Jones
Assistant Q.A. ManagementCraig Jones
Q. A. & PlaytestingPaul Sharp, John, Mark, Sara, Craig Jones, Kelvin
ManualAndrew Clitheroe, Phil Quirke-Webster
Box LayoutPaul Sharp
PackagingPaul Sharp
Manual DesignPaul Sharp
Cover IllustrationKevin Jenkins
Cover Illustration (Logo & Re-touching)Pete Lyon

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Credits for this game were contributed by Игги Друге (46366) and Independent (1353)