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Alien Breed 3D Credits

13 people


Programming, Game CodeAndrew Clitheroe
Game DesignAndrew Clitheroe
Level DesignMichael Green, Ben Chanter, Jackie Lang, Kai Barrett, Charles Blessing
GraphicsAndrew Clitheroe, Mike Oakley
Alien GraphicsMichael Green
Title PictureMichael Green
3D Object DesignerCharles Blessing
3D Object EditorCharles Blessing
Serial LinkCharles Blessing
MusicBjørn Arild Lynne
SFXBjørn Arild Lynne
Creative DirectorMartyn James Brown
Project ManagerMartin O'Donnell
Cover Illustration and LogoKevin Jenkins
ManualAndrew Clitheroe, Martin O'Donnell
Manual DesignPaul Sharp
PackagingPaul Sharp
QA and PlaytestPhil and The Wolves
Inspiration, incentive, moral support, level design Jackie Lang

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Credits for this game were contributed by B.L. Stryker (22571)