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All Rounder is a shareware cricket game for the Amiga, it can be played by two people or by one person against the computer.

This game is based on a board and dice game from the seventies which inspired the author to develop first a game for the ZX81 and later games for the VIC 20 and the BBC B.
This game features graphics and 198 players, in it the player plays a full season of 153 games where all seventeen teams play each other. It also has a summary mode of play which enables the player to skip a match and let the game work out a result.


All Rounder Amiga The game's title screen

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A Few Words From The Author

The game submitted was part of a compilation, The Assassins: PD Games Vol.250. This compilation had some game documentation which the user could access before playing the game, the documentation contains paragraphs on the game's history and some of its shortcomings, the relevant sections are reproduced below.

The Game's Origins
My reasons for producing this game are as follows. The dice game mentioned above* had given me many happy hours in my youth, so when I bought a ZX81 I wrote a simple version in 16k to simulate the. I then traded up to a VIC-20 and produced another 16k version, this time with colour. My next move was a BBC B with 27k available, and this version introduced the concept of saved files containing averages. Finally, the Amiga version appears.(I've owned Amigas for three years now) containing all the features and more of the earlier version, and introducing for the first time -GRAPHICS. Okay, so they aren't exactly Psygnosis, but at least my game is accurate and realistic. This is more than I can say for other Amiga cricket games on the market (An honourable mention goes to AMOS CRICKET which was released shortly before I completed this effort). All the commercial attempts released so far have been wildly inaccurate, simply because it is felt necessary to involve the player in the action (Pull joystick down to straight drive.etc). I don't give a shit what anybody else says, I am fed up with my team being all out for 7 and the computer's team regularly hitting 24 off an over. I offer realism from a cricket enthusiast's point of view - Call it ANORAK CRICKET if you will. I'd really like you to register with me. I intend to develop this game further. At the moment I am working on a stand alone program to display the averages of all 198 players in order at once, as you would see in Wisden. There will also be an update when next years Sunday, sorry Pyjama League, begins (Longer matches, white ball, jim jams). I may also do a module using a knockout format. It is my intention to introduce weather effects and reduced length matches in the next version. Also I want to improve the intelligence of the computer when selecting bowling, this is probably my main weakness at the moment.

Two Apologies: I'm sorry that the disk has to access some times for no apparent reason, AMOS has a habit of losing the graphic font that you have set for text when you load other screens. Also I know you'd like to write protect the disk but if you want the averages and league sections to work then you can't. Just back up the disk before using

A Few Comments On Usage: The game is pretty self explanatory in use. Menus have boxes for you to click in, a box in the bottom right hand corner is one that will allow you to continue when you click it. The best way to play is probably 2 players in the league, although you can have fun against the computer - just don't expect him to be the next Mike Brearley. The summary method if good for getting around games you can't be bothered to watch, although you can switch methods in between the innings if you wish. The game does favour batting very slightly, in that the average innings scores are a fraction (5-15 runs) above what they are in real life over 40 overs. I'm quite happy with this as the batting part is always more interesting I think. The highest innings I have ever seen over 40 overs is 153 not out by G. Gooch (who else?) and the highest team score 292-7 but I forget who by.

* A game was referred to but not by name and the author was unsure which company marketed it so I omitted the text where he said he knew nothing.
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