Apocalypse Credits (Amiga)

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Apocalypse Credits


CodingFrank Szendzielarz, Jason Perkins
GraphicsPaul Docherty, Gordon
MusicCraig White
Original DesignStrangeways
The ManagmentGraeme Ashton, Ian Jenkins
The Miracle WorkersGraeme, Frank, Jess, Sarah, Peter, Steve
Thanks For Cooperation ToJohn Twiddy, Patricia Curtis
UK software managerJon Norledge
Artwork & design coordinatorMatthew Walker
This manual copyGee Penn
This manual design, layout & productionSappers at Mick Lowe Design
ProductionCatherine Spratt, Robert McGrath

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Credits for this game were contributed by B.L. Stryker (21069) and Игги Друге (46434)