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atari aquventure
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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.4

Critic Reviews

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Info (Oct, 1989)
The first few of the 10,000 levels of Archipelagos are very easy, with the stones already connected to the obelisk, but as you progress through these islands worlds, mere survival becomes a frenetic challenge. (I've spent a week trying to get past level 25). The graphics are wonderful, the music compelling, and movement around the archipelagos fluidly smooth, with some of the best scrolling I've seen. It's probably not for everyone, but its otherworldly feeling makes Archipelagos a game I will keep coming back to.
Amiga Computing (Jul, 1989)
After two weeks of regularly dying on level 35 - and it'll take a couple of hours to get that far - you could be forgiven if you were sick to death of the first 34. Bet it won't stop you having another go though.
The One (Jun, 1989)
Some gorgeous graphic effects, like the mysterious mist on the horizon and the transition from day to night and vice versa add to the Sentinel-like atmosphere greatly. Surprisingly though the speed of the 3D update isn't quite as smooth as expected. To make up for this slight deficiency the sound has been greatly enhanced, and the game now sports a haunting theme tune and atmospheric effects.
Archipelagos features some fantastic colouration and smooth graphics (VGA mode), and there's over nine thousand landscapes to explore. A fantastic game which blows away the cobwebs of traditional games playing.
Slightly faster movement is unnecessary with this type of game but appreciated nonetheless. Graphically no change but with an atmosphere this good it doesn't need heavily blitter-orientated, masterpiece graphics. Play this game in a dark room and become totally immersed in the world Archipelagos, a game which make The Sentinel look like a non-starter.
Zzap! (Jul, 1989)
One of those games that you just can't get into quickly but once you've experienced it you just don't want to let go. The strange nature of the game and the totally hypnotic accompanying music creates a totally weird and immensely convincing atmosphere which (in my opinion at least) beats The Sentinel hands down. Just start the game and listen to the music to hear what I mean. Gameplay is significantly better with considerable variety in the foes lurking around the islands, a better sense of progress, a better feeling of achievement and at last true incentive to progress. Great stuff.
On higher levels you'll need to deal with nasties such as out-of-control whirlwinds and necromancers, disembodied souls that eat away parts of the island. If you're looking for a change from the drudgery of shoot-'em-ups, buy this program. Archipelagos is more than a game, it's an experience.
Amiga Power (Nov, 1991)
[Budget re-release] An involving and rather charming game which well deserves its excellent reputation. Get it now.
Commodore User (Jun, 1989)
The graphics are amazing, apart from the way day changes into the night and vice versa. The feeling of distance is incredible, thanks to ‘mist-o-matico-vision-colour’. The colour is graduated, not completely dissimilar to the system implemented on the Archimedes version of Zarch. This, plus the perfect sprite sizing in relation to distance, makes the game a visual treat. The sound is not worth interrupting your mum as she washes out the Heinz beef and Custard Baby food that your little sister has poured over her. The Lost Souls make a wailing, whining sound. What a shame the game does not live up to expectations. Do not get me wrong, I am not slagging it. It is good, and worth trying out. It is just not what it could have been..
Nach einer anfänglichen Eingewöhnungsphase mit dem bereits genannten Effekt, daß man die ersten paar Level als langweilig empfindet, kam allmählich die Begeisterung, die auch noch für einige Zeit anhalten dürfte. Vor allem deshalb, weil es insgesamt 10000 (!) verschiedene Inseln gibt. in den ersten 100 Inseln ist jede fünfte als Grafik abgelegt, der Rest wird jedesmal neu berechnet. So schnell dürfte der Spielspaß also nicht nachlassen.
I cannot say that I liked it too much. Which is not to say that I dislike the genre because I did like The Sentinel (...). My final advice is to try before you buy. As taste will play a big part as to whether you buy it or not. I found it fairly boring, over the long term - and yet I know others who loved it.
Almost exactly the same as the ST version, apart from a touch more colour, slightly better music and slightly slower gameplay.
Power Play (Jun, 1989)
„Archipelagos“ bringt für eine Weile mächtig Spaß, auch wenn das Spielprinzip nicht auf Dauer die Spannung hält.
Antic's Amiga Plus (Feb, 1990)
With so many worlds to play in, few players will run out of worlds before they lose interest. In fact, after level 100 the similarity of the worlds can get more deadly than any viral tree. Still, the strange "Twilight Zone" atmosphere makes this an engrossing and highly original game - and the worlds all vary enough to keep real strategy fans coming back for more.
All of it put together, it becomes quite a thrilling challenge: easy to grasp and pick up, but hard to execute due to time pressure and ever-changing surroundings. This is not a deep game, but a quick thinker's one. Maybe not quite up there with The Sentinel and definitely not as groundbreaking anymore, but nevertheless still fresh & fun.
Rein äußerlich ist das Game wahrlich nichts Berühmtes, selbst wenn der sanfte Schwebeeffekt damals sehr gelobt wurde – am hohen Spielspaß ändert das allerdings nicht die Palme, äh, Bohne!
(page 72)
[Budget re-release] Of the game's 10.000 levels (phew!), 100 were put together by the programming team and they get progressively harder. The remaining levels are computer generated, so they could be all completely impossible or a complete walkover, you just won't know until you try them!
The graphic presentation, from the rise and fall of the arboral trees to the unveiling of the Eggs of Blood, is extremely phallic. The colors are vibrant (at times, almost violent). Graphically, this game is stunning, perhaps even shocking. The documentation is sparse, but adequate (even though written in British). The game concept is innovative and the play becomes increasingly engrossing. If one is looking for a game that offers a challenging conundrum set against a surrealistic premise, Archipelagos is precisely the game. If one is looking for an offbeat product to offer relatively brief, but intense, play sessions, Archipelagos fills that order, as well. In short, Archipelagos is a distinctive product that well deserves to be imported.

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