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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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Zzap! (May, 1991)
'm not normally very keen on complex simulations, but Armour-Geddon is very user-friendly and easy to pick up. What first attracted e to the game was the ability to try out all the vehicles which all have a totally different feel. But I soon realized that this was much more than a glorified flight sim. As well as standard missions, there's a lot of long-term strategy in searching for all-important minerals to produce weapons, giving air support to your own ground vehicles and knocking out enemy installations and powerlines. And unlike most complex strategy games you get to do everything yourself – in fact, with so many pressing matters it's hard to decide what to do first. But don;t be put off by the enormity of the challenge: Armour-Geddon is great fun to play and well worth a look even if, like me, you wouldn't usually touch military sims with a long-range missile.
Amiga Action (May, 1991)
There have been many strategy games that require you to drive around and collect items to defeat the enemy. Unfortunately these efforts have become repetitive in terms of gameplay. Armour-Geddon does not fall in to this trap. You have so many tactics and strategies to experiment with that you will be occupied for days. The range of vehicles and the two player option put all other games of this genre to shame. Psygnosis have proved once again that they are one of the leading software producers.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
I can't see Armour-Geddon making anything like the impression or encouraging the level of devotion Carrier Command did (we've all seen a bit too much since then) but it's an excellent game in a very similar genre nonetheless.
Amiga Format (May, 1991)
Armour-Geddon is a well-structured six-mission multi-sim blast. The game has to be studied thoroughly if the vehicles abilities are to be fully exploited as both the sims and the foes are unforgiving. The player who can build and drop the neutron bomb will have to be perfect; good just won't cut it. Armour-Geddon though, lacks the initial focus needed to pull players through this very necessary learning curve naturally. These skills alone however, once mastered, allow you to discover a tough, mixed genre, game.
CU Amiga (Mar, 1991)
Psygnosis' three-dee generator certainly doesn't compete with the likes of Digital Image Design (F29 Retaliator) or Realtime games (Battle Command). Now if the graphics inside the game were on par with the gorgeous ray-traced images seen in the intro, Armour-Geddon would be five years ahead of the rest. Over to you Psygnosis...
Play Time (Jul, 1991)
Zum Schluß wäre noch zu sagen, daß die Action-Simulation gut ist. Die Steuerung der verschiedenen Fahrzeuge ist anfangs sehr schwer, aber wenn man sich einmal damit vertraut gemacht hat, sind sie leicht zu handhaben. Aber vergeßt, Ziele mit dem Kampfflugzeug zu bombardieren, es ist einfach zu schnell. Anfangs ist es schwer, sich mit dem Spiel zurechtzufinden und ein paar weitere Details wären hilfreich gewesen, aber die große Auswahl von Fahrzeugen ist interessant. Im späteren Spielverlauf braucht man schon eine komplexe Strategie.
Amiga Joker (Sep, 1991)
Mag der Spielablauf streckenweise auch ein bißchen unausgegoren wirken, als Einstieg ins harte Simulations-Geschäft ist Armour-Geddon den Action-Spezialisten doch ganz gut geglückt.
Amiga Power (Jun, 1991)
A natural successor to Carrier Command, and - it has to be said - a worthy one too.
Power Play (Aug, 1991)
Vor Jahren waren Pseudosimulationen wie "Carrier Command" und "Star Glider II" zu Recht groß in Mode, heute nervt's, jeden Monat eine neue Tastaturbelegung und Steuerung zu erlernen. Wofür? Viel anders als auf anderen 3-D-Schlachtfeldern sieht es bei Armour-Geddon auch nicht aus. Die Grafik hübsch und leidlich schnell, der Sound passabel: Das langt nicht für ein wirklich gutes Spiel, und sind die 3-D-Routinen noch so ausgeklügelt. Die Atmosphäre geht auf dem High-Tech-Schlachtfeld ebenfalls schnell flöten.
Typisch Psygnosis: Der Vorspann, diesmal mit atemberaubenden, animierten Raytracing-Bildern versehen, ist einsame Spitze, das Spiel hingegen nur durchschnittlich. Als universeller Flug- und Panzersimulator ist Armour-Geddon nämlich kaum tauglich, für ein Strategiespiel ist es zu simpel, für ein Actionspiel nicht rasant genug. Selbst die Story ist ja nicht sonderlich übrzeugend: Da hat die Menschheit gerade mal so einen Atomkrieg überlebt und bekämpft sich kurz darauf wieder mit High-Tech-Waffen. Kaum vorstellbar, daß die Menschen so wenig dazulernen würden, oder?
A simulation of aircraft, tanks and hovercraft attempting to destroy the "mad scientists" who will otherwise destroy the planet. In addition to combat elements, one must determine research and production priorities. With a heavier emphasis on tactical battles rather than cerebral considerations, it can be fun, but resembles a Chinese take-out restaurant, i.e. a half-hour later, you are hungry for something with some substance.
All things considered, Armour-Geddon does much to recommend itself to anyone looking for a well-balanced sim. For the jaded master, Psygnosis has added enough twists and innovations to the classical simulation to warrant a hard look. The sixvehicle team and research and development aspects are definitely new, "'90s" improvements on this sort of game. For the raw beginner, Armour-Geddon offers much under one roof and does it all with a slick, yet friendly, interface. Not bad for Psygnosis' first dwelling in the Sim city (groan).