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Assassin Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Team 17
Psionic Systems
Blue Lycra
Mission 1 Briefing
I Never Liked Dogs
Death By Spikey Rocks
Your main weapons are your boomerangs.
Climbing up a tree.
Strange blobs with wings restores health.
Jumping in a cave.
Fighting with Midans soldiers.
You'll do a lot of climbing in this game.
In the construction-zone. Watch out for those spinning blades.
A boss-fight. It's a bit hard to make him out from the background, but it's a big robot, armed with a spinning disk.
In a rocket-base. Lots of enemies here...
Battle with a flying worm-like creature.
The genetic asylum is the fourth level.
An unfriendly doctor with a syringe.
Using one of the special-weapons, causing flames to erupt around me.
I don't want to fall down there...
The boss is not really the big green monster, but the jumping ninja-mutants (in lack of a better word) coming out of it.
A robot firing rockets at me.
Ducking under enemy fire.