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AutoDuel Credits


ByRichard Garriott (Lord British), Chuck Bueche (Chuckles)
Programming assistanceSteven Meuse
Conceptual and editorial addistanceDavid Albert, Robert Garriott
CoverDenis R. Loubet
IllustrationsGraham Chaffee, C. Bradford Gorby, Denis R. Loubet, George Webber, Dan Willems
DocumentationSteve Jackson
PlaytestersCreede Lambard, Norman Banduch, Jerry Self, (and some others from Steve Jackson Games)
Amiga Version Conversion byMicromagic
Special thanks toJohn Aslin, Ian Manchester, Dave Jaracz, Kirk Hutcheon, Tim Beaudoin, Kurtstable, Dale Nichols, Jean Tauscher (of Quality Assurance)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jo ST (24070)