The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate Credits


DirectorBrian Fargo
Game DesignMichael A. Stackpole, Brian Fargo, Rebecca Ann Heineman, Bruce Schlickbernd
Original ProgrammingRebecca Ann Heineman
Amiga version byKevin Norman
Music CompositionKurt Heiden (as Kurt Hieden)
MapsMichael A. Stackpole, Rebecca Ann Heineman
GraphicsTodd J. Camasta, Muffy Vasale (as Muffy Vasalle)
ProducerChris Wilson
Assitant ProducerMichael Meischeid
Playtest & DevelopmentBruce Schlickbernd, Jennifer C. King, David Albert, Rebecca Ann Heineman, Brian Fargo (as Brain Fargo), Chris Wilson, James R. Bailey, Michael Meischeid
Product ManagementBing Gordon, David Bamberger
Art DirectorNancy L. Fong
Front Cover ArtRandy Berrett
Package DesignMichael LaBash
Wilderness ArtLisa Berrett (as Lisa Berret)
Manual byZina J. Yee
Special ThanksJeff Haas, Michael Humes

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (45362)