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User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.0
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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Zzap! (Nov, 1989)
Bit difficult to start with, but you soon get into the swing of things (groan). Five incredible levels provide a substantial challenge, but even if you complete it you're going to keep playing this for a long time. Cor!
Games Preview (Aug, 1989)
BATMAN - The Movie er med på kandidatlisten over årets bedste spil - kvalitet så det BATter. Graffikken er hele vejen igennem spillet god og realistisk. Lyden er i orden uden at være genial og når man betragter de fern levels tilsammen, der hver for sig kunne være et helt spil(m. undtagelse af level 3), så når man op på en overall karakter der siger spar to til alt hvad der er lavet af licensspil til dato.
Superb graphics and sound and great five part gameplay carry off Ocean's best game of the film yet.
Amiga Joker (Nov, 1989)
Wie schon eingangs wähnt: Man kann über den Film (und besonders den dazugehörigen Monster-Werbefeldzug!) geteilter Meinung sein, aber das Spiel ist gelungen! Zwar werden sich geübte Joystick-Artisten erheblich leichter tun als Newcomer, jedoch garantiert das hochgradig faire Gameplay eine lang anhaltende Motivation. Grafik und Scrolling sind über (fast) jeden Zweifel erhaben, schade nur, daß auf PAL-Screen verzichtet wurde. Ein weiterer Schönheitsfehler ist, daß die Highscores nicht gesaved werden, und man bei vorzeitigem Heldentod wieder bei Adam und Eva anfangen muß. Über derlei Kleinigkeiten wird der begeisterte Action-Fan jedoch sicher gerne hinwegsehen. Anders ausgedrückt: „Now the legend has really returned!“
Amiga Format (Dec, 1989)
The five sections hang together well as a game. Each one is tricky and takes some mastering. It is unfortunate that if all lives are lost you have to restart from the chemical factory, but that certainly proves a challenge. It is edge of the seat excitement that grips you solidly. It is addictive, certainly, and though it is also frustrating at times and you could tire of it after a while, Batfans will not be disappointed.
Commodore User (Nov, 1989)
Batman – The Movie is a tremendous game, it follows the plot closely but does not sacrifice any gameplay. The graphics are of a high standard throughout and very well designed. The theme tune contains samples from the film and has a very funky feel to it. A highly playable and entertaining game.
Zero (Dec, 1989)
A well thought out adaptation of the movie, and brilliantly programmed to boot. Every batfan should have a copy. Actually, everybody with an Amiga should have one. Go and invest in this copy this instant or the jokers on you.
The One (Nov, 1989)
But forget these criticisms and bury yourself in the finest and last swinging sections which are as enjoyable as any stand-alone platform game. Batman The Movie may not be a perfect character tie-in, but It is as good a rendition of the film as anyone could have hoped for.
Amiga Action (Nov, 1989)
Like the film, I was expecting this longawaited licence to be a bit of a let-down. Thankfully, I was wrong on both counts. With its five varied stages, Batman offers a long-term task, coupled with several playable sub-games. Of the five games, I must confess to preferring the Batmobile and Batwing scenes, but no particular section lets the game down. The graphics are instantly recognisable, although I would have preferred to see them use the dark, moody atmosphere of the film. Still, even without the darkness, Batman still ranks as one of the best movie tie-ins I have seen.
Amiga Power (Dec, 1991)
Effective but ever-so-slightly-dated looking movie thing, using the traditional Ocean sub-game formula to better effect than usual. Good stuff.
Fazit: BATMAN - THE MOVIE ist ein ordentlich produzierter Cocktail mit einem Mix aus verschiedenen bereits schon mal dagewesenen Games-Elementen. Dennoch: Die Grafik. das Scrolling, die Atmosphäre (BATMAN reizt doch irgendwie schon...) und der hervorragende Sound machen aus dieser OCEAN-Titel sicherlich einer Verkaufsschlager. Gegen einen Hitstern spricht das teilweise nicht gerade umwerfende Gameplay und die bisweilen unpräzise Steuerung. Trotz allem ein Programm, das von sich reden machen - und die Charts im Sturm erobern wird! Beileibe kein BADMAN.
The Dark Knight returns to 16-bit. Graphic definition is identical to that on the ST but colours are subtler. The Batman music remix uses some nice sounds and with a few sampled sound effects, the soundtrack is very effective. This is the best presented version yet of this comic license.
Without a doubt, the 3D sections are the star attractions. Not only are they the most spectacular, but they also play a lot better than the rest of the game. The theme of the first and final levels has not been exploited to the full. Had they been less frustrating, with a little more variety in the hazards, they would stand up better on their own. As they are, they need the strength of the remaining sub-games to pull them through. I wouldn't accuse Ocean of inadequate playtesting, since I've seen the game revised several times since its conception, but there are a few small points I would have altered, which would have raised the game higher still in my opinion. Nevertheless, Batman is a great entertainment, and although the price is high, non-one could deny you get a pretty big game for your money.
Power Play (Jan, 1990)
Gegenüber der in POWER PLAY 12/89 besprochenen C 64-Version bietet "Batman - The Movie" auf dem Amiga bessere Grafik, knackigen Sound und an einigen Stellen sogar ein leicht verbessertes Spielprinzip. Die fünf dem Batman-Film nachempfundenen Levels strotzen nicht gerade vor Originalität, stecken aber voller Action.
If one has an Amiga and loves action games, this can be a very enjoyable game. Due to the frequent lock-ups and freezes on the C-64, however, that version cannot be recommended (even to Commodore owners). Data East has come much closer to producing the look and feel of the Batman genre with Batman than they did with Batman: The Caped Crusader. Now, we can await the game and movie sequels, with their new storylines and villains