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Zzap! (Feb, 1991)
After the stunning helidrop, in-game graphics seem a little disappointing: lots of flat green plains and a dull Mauler tank. They grow on you, though, being extremely fast with the numerous enemy objects all packed with detail. The monochromatic night-sight is also good fun and adds to gameplay. Battle isn't as stunning as Carrier was, but it's a lot more playable and well worth getting.
Amiga Format (Feb, 1991)
Battle Command is not only fun but it can be played as either a one-off blast or an on-going sequence with disk-saved victories. BC has a depth of entertainment often lacking in high-tech shoot-outs. The number of missions may prove to be a hindrance in the long term, but some of these are incredibly tough. The game brings strategy, sim and shooting together brilliantly. It has enough abjectly weird locations to make exploring the world fun and there is an excellent range of firepower that promotes real experimentation. You will find learning the strategies behind Battle Command is only half the fun and being in control of the battle is even better.
The 3D is smooth, and the screen update is a lot faster than before. The sound is yer everyday booms and bangs, but what do you expect from a tank game? In technical terms, this is one amazing program, and in gameplay terms the same applies - driving around the countryside, meeting interesting new people and blasting them to smithereens! It's all very addictive, and will have armchair tacticians gibbering like loonies. If you're after a game of this nature, took no further - this is the best one!
What a fantastic game! The Mauler is a joy to operate - the mouse steering is sensitive but not so much so that the Mauler is uncontrollable and the weapon icons are larger and clear so there's no confusion in battle. The polygon graphics are fast, detailed and generate a real feeling of 'being there'. The sound effects are great too - meaty cannon booms and explosions around. Add Missions which often require brains as well as brawn and you've got the recipe for one of the best 3D games on the market.
Amiga Joker (Oct, 1990)
Was Battle Command aber vor allem anderen auszeichnet, ist die gelungene Kombination aus einfacher Handhabung und anspruchsvoller Gestaltung bei viel, viel Spieltiefe. Wer also schon “Carrier Command“ mochte, kann hier praktisch blind zuschlagen — und wer mochte "Carrier Command" eigentlich nicht?
Your Amiga (Dec, 1990)
What it all comes down to is a fast action shooting game, with a little strategic thought as you fight your way across a map full of enemies, and variety in the form of the various missions. Realtime are right to say this isn't a sequel to Carrier Command, because it isn't. Instead Battle Command is a highly playable, largely exciting, 3-D action bonanza.
CU Amiga (Feb, 1991)
With it's speed and varied action, Battle Command is a very good game, though slightly superficial. Don't expect a simulation, expect a fast, thinking man's shoot 'em up.
Amiga Action (Feb, 1991)
Battle Command is Ocean's latest simulation, their last being Retaliator. This time they have introduced land-based combat and the emphasis is more on arcade action. The game features smoothly updated vector graphics that recreate the battlescape. The point-and-click control method is easy to learn and quick to operate. An option to rotate the turret and gun without turning the tank would have been useful. Although there is a lack of missions they are difficult and offer more than a few hours of play.
Raze (Mar, 1991)
All the action is very reminiscent of the old Battlezone arcade game, but contains the strategic elements of the authors previous efforts Starglider and Carrier Command.
Power Play (Mar, 1991)
Mit "Battle Command" gingen die Entwickler von Realtime wieder einmal auf Nummer Sicher; seit ihrem 16K-Spectrum-Erstling "3D Tank Attack" wagten sie es nicht, das von ihnen souverän beherrschte Genre kriegerischer 3-D-Spiele zu verlassen. Ihr aktuelles Programm ist ein professionell gemachtes Panzerspiel, das den Actionfan in Grafik, Geschwindigkeit und Bedienungsfreundlichkeit durchaus zufriedenstellen kann. Die einzelnen Missionen bieten Überraschung in wohldosierten Portionen, das stetige Auftauchen neuer Gebäude und Fahrzeuge motiviert zu einem verlängerten Wochenende im eigentlich nicht besonders gemütlichen Stahlkoloß.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
If you've got the self-discipline to persevere past an uninspiring start, this is a worthy follow-up to classic Carrier Command.
Amiga World (Oct, 1991)
Although the game is billed as an arcade-strategy hybrid, enemy units are quite thick on the ground, and hence it seems weighted toward shooting. In addition, while the environment for each mission is sizeable, I do miss the open-ended continuous flow of Carrier Command. Some of the graphics - black borders on hills, the triangle-over-a-rectangle of trees - struck me as C64 crude. Finally the game has both on- and off-disk copy protection and no provision for hard-disk installation. But when the fuel dump goes up, and the fireballs blossom, somehow I forget about that stuff, turn the mauler around, and head for home.
Amiga Computing (Jan, 1991)
The game isn't going to win any Oscars for depth, as it consists of firing away at tanks and installations. However it is frantic fun, and the missions give the game considerable variety and increase its longevity no end. Simple, but satisfying.