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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.5
Overall User Score (12 votes) 4.2

Critic Reviews

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Amiga Computing (Mar, 1990)
(Actual given score is 109 out of 100, breaking the scale)
Everyone went gaga over Xenon II, and rightly so - it was the best available then. But now Battle Squadron is the best. Xenon II scored the perfect 100 per cent, How can we express that Battle Squadron is even better? Hmmm, I'll show you how ....
Games Preview (Aug, 1989)
Køb det, stjæl det, skaf det, ellers snyder du dig selv! Øjenguf, øreguf og underholdning i lange baner, hvis du er 'lidt' til shoot'em'ups. Sådan skal det gøres, og det er så godt, at det næsten er umuligt at sige noget som helst kritisk! Jo, spilkassen er ikke særlig pæn, og spillet er for nemt - jeg gennemførte på under fern timer, uden at ændre sværhedsgraden (tryk space under optionsscreen). En ting er sikker: havde vi halt Battle Squadron, mens Shoot'em'up Buyers Guide blev lavet, så ville have vundet!
The One Amiga (May, 1993)
[Budget re-release] I loaded it up for the first time, noted the original release date (1989, not exactly renowned for its classic games) and thought this was going to be yet another dubious budget re-release. How wrong can you be? Battle Squadron is by far the most satisfying out and out shoot-'em-up I've seen in a long while.
Amiga Joker (Oct, 1989)
Battle Squadron würde selbst in der Spielhalle eine gute Figur machen!
It's the rapid-fire animation, coupled with effective sound and a long running music track containing the right amount of droning bass which puts this shoot-'em-up head and shoulders above so many others. Battle Squadron isn't a new idea, but in the genre of visually bright and addictive shoot-'em-ups, it certainly deserves to be right up there at the top of the heap.
All in all, Battle Squadron must go into the top three Amiga shoot 'em ups, along with Xenon II and Silkworm - not to be missed.
Zzap! (Feb, 1990)
I don't think this has quite got the attention to game detail as R-Type, but it's certainly an extremely playable arcade-style spectacular.
Contributing to Battle Squadron 's playability score is its two-player option. You and a friend can cooperate to shoot down the nasties. Any combination of joysticks and mice can be selected. Add Battle Squadron to that short list of games - Datastorm, Hybris, Shadow of the Beast - that deserve to be arcade machines. It's a game that any shoot-'em-up lover will love.
Die hypergute Grafiken, die interessant komponierten Melodien und die fetzigen Soundeffekte verschaffen dem Neuling Innerprise einen Einstand, wie man sich ihn besser nicht wünschen könnte. Und einen vereinten Zwei-Spieler-Modus sowie eine (nicht abspeichernde) Highscoreliste gibt's natürlich auch noch. Also: Shoot them up!
Amiga Format (Feb, 1990)
The genre of vertically-scrolling shoot-em-ups is like formularised pop music: it has to exist, because that's what the majority of young gameplayers appear to be into. But it's still quite nice to see one that's as expertly done as battle Squadron. It looks and sounds attractive, the gameplay is frantic, but when all is said and done there isn't a great deal of depth to the game. Still, this shouldn't put off blast fans, since this is designed specifically for them, and does the job beautifully. Battle Squadron is an excellent example of how to write a shoot-em-up.
Power Play (Feb, 1990)
Endlich mal wieder ein anständiges Baller-Spiel, das die Fähigkeiten des Amigas ausnutzt. Die Grafik ist eine Augenweide und der Sound paßt wunderbar ins Spiel. Vor allem hat mir aber die fantastische Spielbarkeit gefallen. Man merkt ganz deutlich, daß die Programmierer fleißig japanische Action-Spiele gespielt haben. Von dort stammt auch die tolle Idee mit den einstellbaren Schwierigkeitsgraden, der gerade dem Einsteiger eine gute Überlebens-Chance läßt. Profis können sich ja eine anspruchsvollere Spielstufe aussuchen.
It is gameplay that counts and Battle Squadron has a superabundance of exciting action. A newcomer to the Amiga would do well to give it a bash. It may leave the already bored with shoot 'em ups unmoved but this has got to be regarded as an outstanding example of the genre. Highly recommended.
The One (Jan, 1990)
A proper variety of extra weapons would have provided some extra interest, but they're all pretty much the same as each other, and as you can only have one weapon active at a time, there's no real sense of progression as in, say, Xenon 2. As is the case with most games, the two-player mode is a lot more enjoyable - and it lasts a lot longer. But due to the lack of variety, solo players aren't likely to be compelled to fight it out to the end.
Commodore User (Jan, 1990)
In no way a classic, Battle Squadron is nevertheless a welcome relief from the constant battery of licenses we seem to be receiving.
Originality goes out of the window in Battle Squadron - and it shows. A well presented, pretty playable shoot 'em up which is let down by obvious lack of thought as far as gameplay is concerned.