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  • Beneath a Steel Sky (official website)
  • Beneath a Steel Sky - FAQs and Guides (Various files including walkthroughs and strategies posted on
  • (Since this game has been released as freeware, and ScummVM has been ported to the Dreamcast. You can download a Dreamcast version at for free!)
  • (You can now download Beneath a Steel Sky for free.)
  • Game Nostalgia (Provides extensive background info for Beneath a Steel Sky, pictures of the cast and examples of voice-overs, full credits with shots and info about the design team, a demo of the game, specific details about the game, various goodies, all musical themes, shots of every location in the game, saved games, a list of reviews, including a "nostalgic "review and tech specs.)
  • Hints for Beneath a Steel Sky (Hints by Jason Strautman will nudge you along so you can solve the game yourself. Final solutions are included.)
  • ScummVM Homepage (An open-source project allowing players to play Beneath a Steel Sky on a wide variety of platforms, such as Mac OS X, modern versions of Windows, and the Sega Dreamcast. The site also provides a free, public-domain download of the game for use with ScummVM.)
  • Steel Sky Walkthrough (Full solution posted on Revolution's web site)
  • Wikipedia: Beneath a Steel Sky (article on the open encyclopedia site)

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