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Black Crypt Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The Black Crypt Story
Main Menu
Character Generation
Beginning the Game
First Monster
We need the key this ogre is wearing around his necks, but our weapons seems to have no effect on him.
These creatures were invisible when we first met them, but not any longer, thanks to a special artifact.
You will encounter a number of hard boss-monsters, like this undead dragon. We use a spell, rune of pain, against it!
There's a switch on the other side of the pit. We need to get across, but how?
Some of the enemies are a bit bizarre.
The game has a very helpful automap.
To solve some of the puzzles, we need to find some really small buttons.
Some monsters can paralyze your party, so watch out!
Fortunately, my party doesn't suffer from arachnophobia.
This is the inventory. You can also see what you're wearing.
The game has nice artwork, and the enemies are well designed. This is a scary ram demon pointing at us.
Sometimes even the walls try to kill us.
This level takes place under water. If we didn't have the right equipment we would drown here.
This is another boss, the Water Lord.
We can travel between the games 28 levels in different ways. Often we use the stairs, but in this case, we will drop down a pit.
the Possessor Demon is a truly fearsome foe. If he kills us, he will steal our souls.
Someone has turned this former hero into a statue. Maybe a medusa?
Indeed, here's the dreaded medusa. Like some other creatures in the game, she can't be killed in the ordinary way. I won't spoil how it's done though.

Official Screenshots

  • Black Crypt Screenshot, 1996
  • Black Crypt Screenshot, 1996
  • Black Crypt Screenshot, 1996
  • Black Crypt Screenshot, 1996
  • Black Crypt Screenshot, 1996