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Brian the Lion Starring In: Rumble in the Jungle Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Options (ECS Version)
The Steamy Jungle (ECS Version)
Brian, you're going to get sick if you look down at the water.
The Rocky Mountains (ECS Version)
The Shop
Say hello to Barney the Bear
The Spooky Ruins (ECS Version)
Lion roars at a crumbling monster
Tribal Secret 1 (ECS Version)
Fountain Secret (ECS Version)
Riding a whale
Say hello to Graeme the Gorilla
The Way Forward
"Good God!", gasped Gerald, "Look at the size of that vulture"
Options (AGA Version)
The Steamy Jungle (AGA Version)
The Rocky Mountain (AGA Version)
Fountain Secret (AGA Version)
Bonus Level: Liquid Land (AGA Version)
The Spooky Ruins (AGA Version)
Ruined Secret (AGA Version)
Tribal Secret (AGA Version)
Bonus Level: Crystal Kingdom (AGA Version)
The Graveyard (AGA Version)
Panic in the Woods (AGA Version)
Brian hitches a ride in the lava lake
The Volcano
Bit Nippy (AGA Version)
Say hello to Geeza