Cannon Fodder Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Main Title (has a nice music, too)
The developers are also presented as first recruiters in the game.
A bunch of anxious recruiters, won't take this serious enough until more crosses start appearing.
Prelude to the mission.
First mission can entirely fit on one screen.
Missions usually end with a big bang.
Those who didn't die are instantly promoted. Ranks grow quicky in this game. But so does the casualty counter.
Each phase is comprised of certain number of missions. And after each phase you get 15 new recruiters.
Guarding the bridge. No fish will cross it now.
While swimming or being otherwise unprotected, splitting team and making them guard you may be advisable.
Mission map. Well, here too X marks the spot.
Ice level
You can't hide
Country level
The ending screen.
Canyon level
Underground base