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Captive Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The briefcase used to control your droids while in captivity
The interface (inside briefcase)
Ingame title
The star map and your current mission
Planet Butre, this is our stop for mission 1
The ship "swan" is approaching
And in orbit, the landing is now commencing
Just landed on the planet, don't worry those are just mean looking trees
The droids are inactive when you first start, now just insert that microchip
Find a decent name for you droid (The name will dictate the starting stats, experimentation is adviced)
All the droids are now named
Stats for the droids
Entrance to the first base, to get in you will need to know the button order
Entered the base, notice the dynamite which is needed to flatten this base (later on)
First encounter with some shrubberies, only the first two droids can attack
Yeah, lots of cash
Containers like this contains money and other items, be sure to find them all
A power outlet, this is quite important once you droids starts to drain their batteries, can also be used for zapping enemies
The shop, with this you can buy/sell items and fix your droids
The shop interface, different shops will have different inventories so visit them all
A bouncing ball, cheap and useful for hitting enemies from afar. Just watch out for the rebound when it hits walls
A door with a button, these will be your friend after some playing
Using the "door crush" move to quickly dispose some enemies
The generators which must be destroyed using dynamite (remember?)
A scientist, maybe he can help?
OK, a *crazy* scientist, don't except any help. (Notice he is standing in the doorway, hehe)
The scientists computer. Use it and enter the password, if correct you will be given a probe (Don't leave without it)
We have placed the dynamite so we have to hurry back to our lander
Base has been destroyed
That concludes this mission
Release the probe, follow it to get to the next mission
The probe stopped here, time to move
Droids needs to sleep too (Do androids dream of electronic sheep?)