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Cedric and the Lost Sceptre Credits

21 people (15 developers, 6 thanks)


A Game byAlcatraz Entertainment Software
Copyright 1995neo Software
ProgramChris Dissauer (Quedex)
GraphicsMiguel Marn (Pigment)
SoundtrackRainer Nilsen (Brainbug)
Game DesignChris Dissauer, Miguel Marn
Additional GraphicsChris Dissauer
Sound PlayerAndy Sterbenz
Intro ProgrammingAndreas Oberdorfer (Poseidon)
SoundAndreas Oberdorfer
Game TestersJörg Dissauer, Mike Gehmair, Bernd Gollesch, Ursula Krobath, Tom Kutschera, Jörg Ladenhauf, Andreas Oberdorfer, Dieter Sabathi, Markus Tretnak
Special Thanks toPeter Wolf, Dieter Sabathi (of Pro System Graz), Jörg Ladenhauf, Wolfi Herold (for the CD-Mastering), Harry and Martin from Cafe Motto, Austria Tobacco Company and Austrian Breweries as always

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