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Cisco Heat: All American Police Car Race Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title 1/2
Title 2/2
3000-Turbo DOHC24
Select car
First objective
Need to pass these three police cruisers to reach 2nd place
Damn! Car flipped over
"I can't believe I just gave way to a taxi!"
About to collide with a STOP sign
Driving through Bay St.
"I'm nearly at the goal. Yay!"
Stage results
Second objective
"Get out of the friggin' way, you bloody Sunday driver!"
You know, killing an entire family is a serious offense
First checkpoint in the game
Third objective
Must be a Monolith Burger around here somewhere
Fourth objective
This was what Bill Gates looked like 20 years ago
Turning a corner
Let's take a dip
Fifth objective
Must be a festival around here somewhere
Finally No. 1
Name Entry