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Colonial Conquest II Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Overview of your little colonial empire
Colonising planet Seits, a planet rich in nature but with few mineral resources
Choose what to build
Reached a new tech level
You have discovered a new life form
Choose where to send spy satellites
The enemy has arrived in planet Titan's orbit
Planet Setis, now a densely populated planet
Invading planet Jalta
Jalta is taken, and you can destroy the alien central unit, thereby gaining some resources
Colonel Kunz offers to repair your ships
Planet Gaia
Planet Fath
The Empire wants to buy your food surplus
A snow melting unit has been installed on planet Orga
Loading a colony ship
Overview of planet Wotan
Monthly report
An unknown virus breaks out on planet Fath
The special commands menu
You can only build 35 things on a planet
Planet status
Spy satellite scanning Planet 9, which turns out to be an enemy base
Sending an expeditionary force from planet Adair
The force is sent to planet 17
As you arrive, Planet 17 is christened Rialta; the planet is inhabited
Loading troop transporters
Current itineraries
The almost invincible alien mothership is found on planet Rialta
Sending a much larger task force from Adair
Troops disembark to fight the robot tripods.
Ground battle on planet Rialta
Ships are leaving Rialta