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The most favourable compliment you can pay Das Boot is to say that it's got all the involvement of a submarine simulator combined with the playability of an arcade-style game, such as Carrier Command - it certainly conveys the same feeling of overall control and involvement as the ageing Realtime 3D extravaganza.
CU Amiga (Jun, 1991)
The game is absorbing and the action sequences are good, but while Das Boot strives to achieve the kind of quality found in the class of class flight simulations, it does fall short. The graphics, while far from disappointing, lack the polish to make you sit there and flip through the external views and gasp. on top of that the scrolling is jerky in places. There is sound, and whilst you don't expect to hear much underwater, far more could have been done to supply atmosphere - at no time playing Das Boot did I really lose myself in the game, surely the acid test for a top drawer sim.
Die Faszination, die von dieser Simulation ausgeht beruht darauf, daß man sich um alles selbst kümmern muß: Torpedos, Maschine, Funkverkehr, Kurs, Bordkanone, Flugabwehrgeschütz sind nur einige der Punkte die es in den Griff zu bekommen gilt. Besonders positiv fällt hier die hohe Geschwindigkeit auf, mit der sich das Periskop und das Fernglas schwenken, beziehungsweise zoomen lassen. Auch der Sound ist sehr gelungen; man bekommt ihn allerdings nur zu hören, wenn man über ein MB Speicherkapazität verfügt. Dem historischen Anspruch, den dieses Game stellt. wird auch die Amiga-Version durch die hervorragende Anleitung gerecht. Sie ist nicht nur sehr ausführlich, sondern gibt auch einen Einblick in die Geschichte und Entwicklung der U-Bootwaffe, letzteres leider nur in englischer Sprache. Fazit: nicht nur für Fans von U-Bootsimulationen empfehlenswert.
This faithful recreation of the classic World War II U-Boat confrontations will be quite a find for sim fans. The game is very deep (sorry!), quite an effort to get into and features so-so solid 3D graphics. What Das Boot does capture is the tense, claustrophic atmosphere of submarine warfare. You can almost smell the fear. Worth a look, but only if you've the time to get the most out.
Amiga Format (Jun, 1991)
Das Boot has both realism and fast fighting. The control screens are well drawn and animated. The vector 3D battles, while far from stunning add realism to the battles. There is an annoying lag between screens - times is frozen so it's no disadvantage - that breaks the atmosphere that the rest of the game works so hard to establish. Das Boot's cat-and-mouse style will drag for those who seek instant thrills. Here you have to track down trouble, then attack before it gets out of hand. The hunt essentially focuses on navigation, whilst scanning the radio waves and the skyline.
Das Boot's presentation is competent but lacks gloss - the appearance of the standard Workbench disc requestor when the second disc needs inserting is symptomatic of this. The ability to practice eight of the more exciting submarine activities makes the game instantly accessible, but the limited number of missions (some of which can be completed quite easily) casts doubt on the game's lifespan.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
Being as objective as I can be, this is actually rather good. The best compromise between simulation and gameplay yet seen in its field.
Amiga Action (Jun, 1991)
There are some very good submarine games around but Das Boot seems to have got left behind. Not the standard we associate with Mindscape.
Amiga Joker (May, 1991)
Für Klassiker wie „Silent Service“ oder „Red Storm Rising“ stellt Das Boot also weiß Gott keine ernsthafte Konkurrenz dar, dank der trägen Ruckel-Grafik und des eingeschränkten Bedienungskomforts werden hier wohl nur eingefleischte Kriegshistoriker so richtig Freude an der Feindfahrt haben.
(page 56)
Amiga Power (Jun, 1991)
The most accessible sub sim to date. [...] Playable, but overpriced. The best in it's field.
Play Time (Jun, 1991)
Zu viele, öde 3D Spiele wurden hier zusammengefaßt, als das es eine wertvolle Simulation hätte geben können. Sollten Sie bloß ein halbes Megabyte haben, kommen Sie nicht einmal in den Genuß der meisten Soundeffekte.