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Deluxe Galaga 2.x Releases (Amiga)

Deluxe Galaga 2.x Amiga AGA title screen


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Release Date
May 24, 1994
Version 2.0 released
Patch History
May 24, 1994
-Added the 'Quit game? Yes or No' function.
-Toggle NTSC/PAL with TAB key.
Jul 15, 1994
-Added the two player at once mode. puh!!
-Added a real NTSC mode for american users.
-The game can now be completely controlled with joystick/joypad (CD³²).
-Added some secrets.... 8^)
-Fixed some minor flaws.
Jul 21, 1994
-Argggg.. There was one nasty bug in v2.2, killed that bug and improved some other stuff.
Nov 13, 1994
-Argggg.. (Again..) There was still some bugs in v2.3... :( Killed the bugs I found!!
-The game now has 75 levels. puh..!!!
-Added a new sub game. The memory station.
-Moved the PREFERENCES file from S: to the game's directory.
-Added functions that uses the nonvolatile library and the lowlevel library. Control the whole game with an joypad.
-Added money, money bonuses and progress indicator in the meteor-storm.
-Added support for the XPK libraries.
-Can now load music modules into fast RAM.
-Color of the bonus text is now the same as the player who got the bonus. Two player at once mode only.
-Made the game a bit easier.
-More alien types on one level. Easy 1 alien. Normal mode 2 aliens. Hard 3 aliens.
-Added joypad control on the preferences screen.
-Added some extra game secrets!
-Improved and added some other stuff.
Dec 23, 1994
-Arggggggggg! I was a bit quick with the release of the 2.4 version. There was still a few bugs left.
-I got the 'lowlevel.library' documents, so now I have fixed the joypad routines and I hope that they now is working on all Amigas.
-Found a bug in the load modules routine that would crash the game if there was not enough chip memory for the biggest module.
-Made falling aliens a bit more easy to kill and follow.
-Added some more secrets.
-Added two players at-once in the meteor-storm game.
-Added ship armour bonus.
-Added game iconizing. Iconize the game from anywhere in the game.
-Switched to A1200/030/33MHZ/MMU/FPU/6MB/355MB HD!!!
Feb 18, 1995
-Still some bugs to remove.... :-/
-Adjusted the warp-malfunction rnd.
-Added 'Free chip memory' to the iconize menu.
-Added a cash stealing alien and some 'bad' bonuses!
-Fixed the module player to CIA timing. Can now play almost any ProTracker module correctly.
-Removed the 'Have you registered...' message for registered users.
-Added some gravity to the explosions.
-The hiscore line can now show some 1000 billion points!!
-Added a new mirror bonus!
-Added a drunken mode.
-The AGA version is now ready and working.
Mar 09, 1995
-Still a few bugs removed.
-Remade the whole preference screen.
-Added mouse control.
-Added bonus and money limit.
-Added screen borders.
-Speed up some routines a little bit.
-Adjusted some features.
-Added a little bit more color to the explosions.

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