Drakkhen Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Loading screen.
Starting a new game.
Character inventory and status. Your party starts without any gear or weapons equipped!
Monsters attack soon after you start.
The game uses an early primitive 3D engine for the environment.
Approaching a small castle.
A shark leaped from the moat and devoured a party member. The mage attempts to enter using invisibility.
Electricity bars the entrances.
With the electricity gone, monsters come from the passages and defeat the party.
Creating a custom character.
Accept the dice or reroll up to three times.
Another attempt is cut short by a dragon attack!
Flame breath quickly kills the low level party.
This time a house is discovered.
Getting clues inside the house.
A giant demonic dog's head appears from the ground!
The party fights bravely but it is futile.
Game over.