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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS (US):
    Head-to-head racing with the world's fastest production cars!
    The Ferrari F40®. The Porsche 959®. The fastest production
    cars ever built. Both are capable of travelling at 200 mph. Both
    are capable of nailing 60 mph in less than four seconds.
    Which car is king?
    The Duel: Test Drive II pits the fastest-ever Ferrari against
    the fastest-ever Porsche in a race that has only been run in the
    minds of engineers and enthusiasts.
    Until now.
    You're behind the wheel of the most technologically advanced
    supercars on earth, rocketing down roads that are as eye-catching
    and dangerous as the vehicles themselves.

    > Race head-to-head: F40 vs. 959, F40 vs. F40 or 959 vs. 959.

    > Race against time. You can beat the other car -- but can you beat the clock?

    > Race on roads engulfed by the most picturesque scenery to be found on a computer. Drive through bone-dry deserts, majestic mountains and lush forests. (Caution snapshots may blur at 200 mph.)

    > Contend with such road hazards as head-on traffic, strewn
    rocks, loose gravel, potholes, oil slicks and everyone's favourite inconvenience -- the police.

    > Optional Car & Scenery disks available to create your own combinations of landscapes and high-performance cars.

    The Duel: Test Drive II. Accolade's top-speed tournament.

    Contributed by Zeikman (3496) on Dec 18, 2008.

U.S. print ad (Genesis):

    The knuckles turn white. The sweat turns cold. The heart turns cartwheels. That's what you can expect behind the wheel of the #1 racing title in history, The Duel/Test Drive II, now for Sega Genesis.

    Squeeze into the cockpit of the hyper-fast Ferrari F40 - a twin turbo V8 with 478 horses ready to snap your neck. Boil asphalt in the Porsche 959 - the legendary road rocket that'll do 0-60 in a stunning 3.6 seconds. Leave the launching pad in the Lamborghini Diablo - an awesome exotic with a mind-boggling top speed of 202 mph.

    Race head-to-head against the computer or the clock. Blast through tight tunnels, bone-dry deserts and twisting mountain roads. Streak past confused cops and scenic cities. Jam down the highway to hot music tracks.

    The Duel/Test Drive II from Ballistic. If you're scared, take the bus.

    To order, visit your favorite retailer or call 1-800-245-7744.

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on May 12, 2004.