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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (12 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Amiga Joker (Nov, 1990)
So schwer es bei einem derart gelungenen Programm auch fällt, ein paar negative Dinge dürfen nicht unerwähnt bleiben. Ein wunder Punkt ist das Kampfsystem, das gestandenen Rollenspielern vielleicht etwas zu simpel sein könnte. Dann findet die geballte Sound- und Grafikpower natürlich nicht auf einer Diskette Platz – dass man es bei Horror Soft geschafft hat, die ganze Angelegenheit auf fünf Disks unterzubringen, grenzt schon an Hexerei! Wer also keine Festplatte sein eigen nennt, muss schon etwas Handarbeit zum Diskwechseln investieren. Und wer gar nur 512K Speicher in seinem Amiga hat, muss auf Elvira leider ganz verzichten. Andererseits: Wer sich für Elvira keine Speichererweiterung zulegt, ist der größte Geizkragen seit Dagobert Duck – dieses Game muß man einfach haben!
I enjoyed the game immensely; the graphics are great, the atmosphere horrific, and the fight scenes although fairly simple, have some great screaming and howling sound effects. This is a game from a true graduate of adventure, who learned this craft with the best in the business and has delivered the goods. More please, Mike.
Zero (Mar, 1991)
There are two outstanding features to Elvira. No, no I mean the game not the person, honestly you lot really have got foul minds, Elvira (the game) has got some of the most superb graphics I've ever seen, These are complimented by moody and powerful soundtrack that would be the envy of many a horror film. All this is hung on an extremely challenging adventure that makes Dungeon Master seem like a Wl picnic. Hang on that makes three outstanding features; so I said two simply to make a cheap innuendo. Oh dear.
Datormagazin (Jul, 1991)
Äntligen finns Elvira även på C64. Hur de lyckats få med allt i konverteringen är en gåta, men de har lyckats.
Zzap! (Mar, 1991)
(This review has been written by CRASH's trendy tipster, Nick Roberts, who expressed much interest in the game for 'a couple of reasons'!). A creepy castle, undead inhabitants, the return of a vampire and buckets of fake blood – the perfect combination for a trashy 'B' movie, but also the perfect recipe for a great fantasy adventure. Many of you may be familiar with the character Elvira, she has already appeared in a number of films. The provocatively dressed, well-endowed star is also the centre of attraction in this orgy of horror.
Bei der Bewertung dieses Games kann man sich wirklich mal kurzfassen – die Mega-Grafik mit den unzähligen Animationen, der Sound, die Steuerung (Maus/Icon) und besonders die Atmosphäre sind allererste Gruselklasse! Warum zucken Vertreter der reinen Rollenspiellehre trotzdem zusammen, wenn sie den Namen Elvira hören? Nun, die Kämpfe sind eher Reaktionstests als taktische Gefechte, (Level-) Beförderungen gibt’s gar nicht, kurz, Rollenspielelemente sind zwar vorhanden, aber nicht unbedingt ausgeprägt.
(page 74)
Amiga Action (Mar, 1991)
Elvira has to be one of the best graphic adventures I have seen. The graphics are superb and although there is a fair amount of disk swapping the end result is worthwhile. The location have been beautifully drawn with great attention to detail. The sound is equally as good, with some very atmospheric tunes for each different location. The horror content is pretty strong and I can foresee a few complaints from worried mums, but Elvira is still a worthwhile purchase. I would highly recommend it.
CU Amiga (Dec, 1990)
Elvira is a graphic role-playing adventure, controlled entirely by mouse. Moving around could not be easier – simply click on the part of the picture you wish to move to, or click on one of the highlighted direction arrows. The latter moves you forward, up or down, and in the direction you are facing, whilst the left, right and back arrows change that direction, and redisplay your perspective from it. The speed of moving around in a game of this sort is a crucial test of the game’s playability, and Elvira scores highly. The disk loads are fairly snappy, and the disk swaps – bearing in mind there are five disks in total – are tolerable. A number of locations are cached in memory as you move from section to section, thus reducing the number of disk loads.
Wie man aus diesen Sätzen wohl erkennen dürfte, ist die exzellente Grafik stellenweise wirklich nichts für kleine Kinder oder schwache Nerven, paßt aber unheimlich gut zum Spiel und erzeugt in Verbindung mit vielen gruseligen Sounds die richtige Stimmung für dieses Spiel. Auch die übrigen Effekte und Bilder sind wahrlich nicht von schlechten Eltern! Alles in allem kann ich nur sagen, daß Elvira das bisher beste Spiel dieser (Horror-) Machart ist, das ich gespielt habe! Fazit: Kauft Euch das Teil und lasst Euch verhexen, äh verzaubern!!!
Raze (Mar, 1991)
And there you are, plunged deep into this "fully interactive RPG" trying to work out what good a centipede is going to be to you and why the fat lady in the kitchen just hacked you to death. Still it's all part of the fun, innit?
Elvira's beautiful artwork, shocking animated sequences and saving touches of humor are major improvements over Personal Nightmare. Now is definitely the time to come to the aid of the Mistress of the Dark.
Score (Feb, 1996)
Co učinilo hru Elvira: The Mistress of the Dark nezapomenutelnou klasikou? Kdo ví. Možná to, že se jednalo o jeden z prvních velkých horrorových (a pořádně nechutných k tomu) projektů vůbec. Největším kladem hry je evidentně neopakovatelná atmosféra hrůzy a děsu, která není kreslenou brutalitou tvořena, ale pouze doprovázena.
Amiga Format (Feb, 1991)
Elvira, the lady with the big reputation, wants a hand with her chest. She has opened up her old ancestral home Castle Killbragant and along with it a real can of worms – the really slimey ones. She has also reawakened an ancient curse, placed by her great, great, great, grandma, who it appears ws not so great after all.
Power Play (Mar, 1991)
Die schrille Gruselbraut "Elvira" verbreitete Angst und Schrecken bislang in grotesken Horrorstreifen, die zum Teil auch ihren Weg in deutsche Videotheken gefunden haben. Mit einigen Monaten Verspätung gibt die Dame in Schwarz jetzt ihr Computerspieldebüt.
Retroguiden (Feb 25, 2011)
Genom att installera Amiga-versionen på en hårddisk eller spela PC-versionen slipper man undan alla diskettbyten, men det går inte att komma runt att spelet är på tok för obalanserat och svårt. Elvira – Mistress of the dark är ruskigt läckert att se på men alldeles för besvärligt för att hålla intresset vid liv, ungefär som jag kan tänka mig att karaktären är.
Amiga Power (May, 1991)
Elvira's gorgeous; the graphics really draw the player in. Pity the game itself is nigh-on impossible - and it takes five disks! Falls apart due to gratuitous disk swapping and infuriating gameplay.
Overall, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark is a noteworthy game. While this reviewer would like to have seen more useful spell ingredients (especially dogwood bark) or more spells which increase lifepoints, the puzzles are, at least, logical in that no grasping at straws is required to solve them. Also, while the combat requires some skill (one must get the timing just right to do well in this area), it is a surmountable problem and a learnable skill. However, the weak points of the scavenger-hunt spells, the limited availability of ingredients and the subject matter of the graphics (good art, bad taste) could make this one for the vaults of some adventure game players. Still, with strong points like detailed graphics (five disks full of them), genuine "mood" music and, of course, Elvira's beautiful body, this game is, like its namesake, something to notice for many of us.