Empire: Wargame of the Century Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Interstel company title screen
Title screen
Copy protection check
Setting up the game
Player efficiencies can be set
Enter player name
City production screen
The city of Gujrat has produced the 1st Army
Attacking a neutral city (shown in green)
Produced a transport to bring armies across water. You can name your ships, I choose to call this one Moby Dick.
After conquering the neutral cities on my home island, it's time to head out to sea.
The world map showing explored areas
War report
The gray border is the edge of the map, you cannot circle the globe in this game.
Found one of the enemies cities and a transport ship (shown in red).
The Bismarck attacks enemy transport Vulkan.
Closing in on the last of the enemy's cities.
Player 2 has been crushed!
Total Victory is mine!
Using the map editor. Perhaps too many cities?