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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.4

Critic Reviews

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I have played Combat Pilot for more hours than any other game I have ever had - except for Sentinel. DI's Combat Pilot is without any shadow of doubt the most rewarding of the current sweep of air combat simulators and by far the most challenging. The twin joystick option adds to the feel and it even includes a two player serial port option.
If you are a connoisseur of Flight Simulators then this is an essential addition to your collection. If you are only looking for a single flight simulator to buy, then without question this has to be the one.
Amiga Computing (Sep, 1989)
FLYING is difficult. It takes years and millions of pounds to train a fighter pilot. Yet the war cry among simulator buffs is "gimme realism". Well guyz, with F-16 Combat Pilot you got it. The game is seriously difficult. There is a quick start option, but it is a bit late to worry about how to get the Westinghouse AN/APG 68(V) radar out of track-while-scan mode and into single-track-target mode when you have a Foxhound and a couple of Floggers unleashing 55kg Aphid missiles at you. You must read the manual before making any serious attempt to play.
Amiga Format (Oct, 1989)
There is plenty of action to suit the combat hungry and the attention to detail will please and delight the flight purists. Once you get into the campaign game or take on a human you will find yourself playing for hours at a stretch and coming back to it time and time again. As DI keep proving, when it comes to simulations – especially ones involving aircraft – they are very hard to beat.
Cosmetically, the operations room has been changed graphically and sound effects are fuller and more realistic. It's a little slower than the ST version but this has virtually no effect on gameplay. Otherwise identical, Amiga Combat Pilot has as much realism, challenge and variety as you could want in a flight simulator.
Zero (Nov, 1989)
Overall though, apart from all the little niggles and the disk accessing that goes on between games (yes, there are some fair old pauses), there's something absolutely brilliant about this simulation. Do you want to know what it is? It's depth. Somehow the game seems immense, and it stands alone on that point. It's quite hard to get into, and takes a while to grip you totally. But once it has, it doesn't let go.
F-16 Combat Pilot kommt also der Wirklichkeit sehr nahe, nur bei der Präsentation schneidet es nicht ganz so gut ab: Die Grafik kann mit der von „Falcon“ nicht wirklich konkurrieren, Außenansichten fehlen ganz, und der Sound klingt zwar originalgetreu, aber ziemlich monoton, Wer mit diesen Einschränkungen leben kann, darf aber unbesorgt zugreifen — er bekommt eine der besten Kampfflugzeug-Simulationen, die es überhaupt gibt!
Amiga Joker (Nov, 1989)
Im direkten Vergleich hat Falcon die Nase einen Hauch weiter vorne, es ist die ausgereiftere Simulation. Die große Schar der Flacon-Süchtigen darf sich also freuen: die Mission Disk bringt eine Reihe neuer und interessanter Herausforderungen. Simulationsfans,die noch keines der beiden Programme besitzen, dürfen aber auch bei F-16 Combat Pilot sorglos zuschlagen – was es an Grafik und Sound vermissen läßt, macht es durch seinen Realismus wieder wett. Für Unentschlossene gilt wie immer: Laßt Euch beide Programme vorführen, ehe Ihr Euch entscheidet!
Power Play (Oct, 1989)
Gerade beim Sound hätte man aber noch ein paar Sachen drauflegen können. So röchelt der Nachbrenner immer noch wie ein Käfer beim Ampelstop. Sonst blieb bei dem guten Flugsimulator mit vielen Missionen und garantiert langem Spielspaß alles beim alten.
Commodore User (Aug, 1989)
F-16 is a very complex title that will no doubt prove rewarding in time. The only problem being that it is not involving enough. Remember, to get anything out of a game, you have to be able to get into it.
The graphics are clean and colorful but not outstanding. Sound effects are minimal and disappointing. The in-flight roar sounds like a vacuum trying to suck up a bowling ball. The controls utilize joystick, mouse, and keyboard commands. They're confusing to learn but responsive in the heat of battle. Don't be fooled by the packaging - looks can be deceiving. Just another flight simulator? Hardly. F/16 Combat Simulator is the first of a new breed.