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F17 Challenge Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Presentation screen
Title screen
Main menu
Options screen
You can modify the default drivers/team names
Try a difficult test circuit in 'Practice' mode
On the 'Holodream' practice circuit
You can choose any of the 16 circuits
First circuit in 'World Championship' mode
Overview of the circuit in South Africa
South Africa - ready to start the race
Race finishing results in South Africa
Mexico - completed another race
Brazil - sharp curve to the left
Spain - after the collision with green car
San Marino - sparks flies out of my vehicle
Monaco - Superfrog's posters on the right
Monaco - located inside a long tunnel
Canada - time of recently finished lap
France - crashed into a big F17 table
Great Britain - repair of my car in the pitstop
Germany - this race is during heavy rain
Ireland - sharp curve to the right
Belgium - just entered the final lap
Italy - out of the track in high speed
Portugal - trying to overrun two cars
Japan - positioned on the starting line
Australia - my vehicle is 100% damaged
Australia - entering a very short tunnel
Finished a race on the 1st position
Finished a race on the 2nd position
Race over!