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One of the best Amiga Flight Sims Ken0x (62) 3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Overall User Score (23 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Amiga Computing (Jul, 1988)
Interceptor is brilliantly designed. It stretches your playing ability progressively. It is also full of great touches. You can view the plane from inside the cockpit, looking all the way around to check for enemy johnnies on your tail. You can watch the action from a third person position at one of the eight compass points outside the plane, or you can watch from the control tower. These views work just as well when you are parachuting down after a missile hit. A zoom gives a better feeling of depth. There are some bugs. I have managed to fly over the carrier and have the wing disappear under the ship. It is common practice to land on the sea, but none of these matters when you take into account the days of fun you'll have to take to the air with Interceptor.
[Retest] Nothing even comes close to it yet.
Graphics like this make the case for buying an Amiga far better than words ever could, but screenshots don't tell the whole story. On 512K machine the engine noises, explosions and omnious background growl are electrifying, but on an expanded A500 or an A2000 they're even better!
Zzap! (Dec, 1990)
[Budget re-release] Of the first lot of Star Performers Interceptor definitely got the biggest 'oooh' rating and deservedly so. For a penny short of £10 you get a classic flight sim from the early days of the Amiga, once -the- game for showing off your machine. It says a lot for the state of flight sims today when such a golden oldie can beat nearly all others for slickness.
Interceptor combines the realism of flight simulations with the fast action of Top Gun (the film) fighter combat extremely well. The solid graphics move very quickly indeed, though not as fast as subLOGIC's Jet, but they are far superior in detail, definition and look real in comparisons with Jet's simpler graphics. When it comes to realism, easy of control and state-of-the-art graphics and sonic presentation Interceptor is the ace.
ST/Amiga Format (Jul, 1988)
F/A-18 Interceptor here are two things you can be sure of when dealing with hornets: disturb a nest of them and you will regret it, disturb an F-18 Hornet and you won’t live to regret it. The F-18 is misnamed. In this combat simulator it is a caged beast that roars to life in response to your controls…
Raze (Jan, 1991)
[Budget re-release] It's lost nothing with age and it still one of the best flight sims around. The superb graphics have yet to be matched by some present day simulators. Sound, too, surpasses most other flight sims.
Commodore User (Jun, 1988)
Oh wow! Wooaah! Bogeys all over me!” Urgh! What is happening in CU’s computer room? Well, Gary Penn (callsign ‘Mohican’) and myself (callsign ‘Hothead’) are involved in a desperate life or death dogfight with two MiG-29s. Interceptor will rock you back on your heels when you see it. We have put in quite a few hours flying time and I still get a buzz watching it. As a flight simulator it is no big deal. If you want to know what it is like to fly a jet fighter there are more exacting games around. Where EA’s game scores is with the celebrated look and feel. It looks fantastic and feels grea
Tilt (Sep, 1988)
F-18 est un logiciel d'une qualité exceptionnelle. Aucune simulation de vol ne possède des graphismes aussi fins, liés à une animation aussi rapide. Quant au bruitage et au fond sonore, ils sont digitalisés (ceux qui possèdent 1Mo de mémoire sur leur bécane, bénéficient de toutes les possibilités sonores du jeu). [...] Une bonne définition de F-18 Interceptor? Un simulateur de vol ludique et un Tilt d'or en puissance !
Zero (Nov, 1989)
Overall though Interceptor is as good a stepping stone between arcade games and flight sims as you're ever likely to find and it's absolutely ruddy brilliant fun to play to boot.
Amiga Action (Jan, 1991)
Can you become a Top Gun. Flying either a Hornet or Falcon fighter plane take part in six gruelling missions.
Interceptor does have a very easy control method and this makes flying the missions feel really good. Unfortunately, the likes of F-19 Stealth Fighter with their hundreds of missions (rather than five) make this otherwise cracking game seem rather dated, but if you're a beginner to flight sims, Interceptor is the one to go for.
I can safely say I have never played a more convincing flight simulator, and I bet you will not have played a better one either. If you use your Amiga for anything other than programmings, you must not miss Interceptor. It will be very hard to find any game that gets near it for sheer excitement and playability.
I can safely say I have never played a more convincing flight simulator, and I bet you will not have played a better one either. If you use your Amiga for anything other than programmings, you must not miss Interceptor. It will be very hard to find any game that gets near it for sheer excitement and playability.
Dragon (Dec, 1988)
The only reason this flight simulator did not get a five-star rating is due to the fact that some users could become frustrated over their inability to land on the carrier, thus eliminating the excitement of taking part in combat missions.
Das Negative gleich vorweg: In des Programm wurde eine Code-Abfrage eingebaut, die es wirklich in sich hat. Nicht nur, daß die Eingabe eines Codes recht kompliziert ist, sie muß auch noch vor jedem neuen Spiel nochmals wiederholt werden - jedenfalls dann, wenn man eine andere Mission wählt. Diese Tatsache kann dann doch etwas Frust in den Spielspaß bringen. So, den negativen Punkt hätten wir damit abgehakt, von nun an wird‘s positiv. INTERCEPTOR ist der bis jetzt grafisch ansprechendste Flugsimulator für den Amiga. Auch die Geschwindigkeit kann überzeugen.
Interceptor is destined to become a benchmark against which future products of the type will be judged. If you like this kind of game and you own an Amiga then buy it at your first opportunity.
Happy Computer (Jun, 1988)
Wer sich für Simulationen interessiert und Interceptor nur kurze Zeit gespielt hat, läßt sich schnell in den Bann dieses Programms schlagen. Dank der guten Steuerung (Joystick und Tastatur) und den Grafik- und Sound-Effekten kommt eine tolle Atmosphäre auf, die vergessen läßt, daß es sich hier nur im Luftkampf in mehreren Variationen handelt. Etwas mehr spielerische Abwechslung (Bodenziele, Kunstflug-Bewertungen oder größeres Fluggelände) würde Interceptor an die Spitze der Jet-Simulationen setzen. Trotzdem wird man mit Interceptor viele Runden fliegen, bevor das Programm seine Anziehungs-Kraft verliert.
Power Play (Jul, 1988)
Na bitte, es geht doch: schnelle, fließende Grafik auf dem Amiga. Bei Interceptor sieht man zwar wenige landschaftliche Details, doch dafür sind die vorhandenen Orientierungspunkte so gut gelungen, daß sie mir voll und ganz reichen. Die Missionen sind vom Allerfeinsten, aber höllisch schwer. Ein Luftkampf ist wesentlich anspruchsvoller als der Anflug auf ein ruhendes Ziel auf dem Boden, wie man ihn bei den meisten anderen Simulationen findet. Wer Interceptor beherrschen will, braucht Fingerspitzengefühl und Geduld. Denn viel Zeit geht in endlosen Manövern drauf, die an ein Katz-und-Maus-Spiel erinnern. Wer viel Action mag, wird auf längere Sicht mit Interceptor sicher nicht zufrieden sein. Wer sich aber gerne den Feinheiten beim Beherrschen eines modernen Jägers stellen möchte, wird lange Spaß haben. Interceptor ist für mich der Spitzenreiter unter den Jet-Simulationen.
Insgesamt ist Interceptor/Jet Fighter ein idealer Flugsimulator für Einsteiger, mit dem man sich auch ohne wochenlange Trockenübungen an waghalsigen Flugmanövern erfreuen kann. „Profis“ hingegen werden selbst die umfangreichere PC-Version schon recht bald durchgespielt haben.
Amiga Joker (Sep, 1991)
Im Jahre 1988 herrschte noch das große Schweigen am Bildschirmhimmel unserer „Freundin“ - in punkto Flugsimulationen waren die anderen Systeme dem Amiga ungefähr 2 Mach voraus. Bis dieses Game erschien! Jetzt wurden auf einmal die Amigianer beneidet, weil Interceptor sehr deutlich zeigte, was wirklich in diesem Rechner steckt. Ironischerweise stellt das Programm aus heutiger Sicht nur noch gehobenes Mittelmaß dar, was aber einfach daran liegt, daß mittlerweile sehr viele der gebotenen Features von anderen Simulationen übernommen und weiterentwickelt wurden. Tja, Pioniersschicksal...
Interceptor deserves 10 out of 10 on any rating system so far as flight realism and presentation goes. An absolute must for die-hard flight addicts. Brilliant graphics, realistic sound and handling. The protection system enables back-ups of the disk to be made - and the codes that must be entered via the dial-wheel are an integral part of the game.
Both 68000 Jet and F-18 Interceptor are very engaging products. So which is better? Not a fair question for these two. For, as similar as these two products are, they are different enough that picking one over the other would be like asking which is better, an apple or an orange?