Falcon Ad Blurbs (Amiga)

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Advertising Blurbs

From back of box:
    Lock-On to Excitement!

    Climb into the FALCON cockpit and fly a thrilling and highly realistic simulation of the F-16A Fighting Falcon, the most versatile jet fighter in the air today. Engage enemy aircraft with the most advanced aeronautics and electronic displays available on a personal computer, and claim the skies as FALCON territory!

    Some of the FALCON features:

    • Option to dogfight against another player via computer link
    • Enemy planes perform real fighter maneuvers (barrel rolls, yoyo's, jinking, scissors, etc.)
    • Four alternating heads-up-displays (HUD's)
    • Advanced electronics/radar systems
    • Realistic sounds and digitized airplane images (range of sounds will vary according to computer format)
    • Dogfight and strike mission modes
    • Multiple skill levels
    • Flight characteristics and armament of the real F-16

    Just like its wildlife counterpart, the FALCON is incredibly powerful! It pursues its prey relentlessly until the moment of attack which is swift and precise. But like any jet fighter, the FALCON's true success depends upon an able pilot. Use FALCON's training simulator mode to learn air combat maneuvers, then replay any flying sequence with the program's flight recorder "black box" to analyze your dogfighting skills. When you feel ready for the excitement of battle, real dogfight and strike missions will put you to the test. Are you ready? Hold onto your pilot's seat and kick in the afterburners!

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Apr 12, 2001.

Advertisement in COMPUTE!, April 1988:


    Climb into the FALCON cockpit and fly a highly realistic simulation of the F-16A Fighting Falcon. Perform fighter maneuvers while engaging enemy MiG's in dogfight battles OR connect two computers and go head-to-head against another plane piloted by a second person. Realism is captured by use of sound and digitized airplane images, advanced radar mechanisms, and four alternating heads-up-displays. Multiple levels and missions challenge even expert pilots. Feel the exhilaration of power, speed, and maneuverability of the F-16 as you claim the skies as FALCON territory!

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Apr 12, 2001.