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Zzap! (Jul, 1989)
Personally, I admired what the programmer had attempted with the original ST game, but it was severely lacking in some areas, most notably the way the player had to deal with hopeless quantities of enemy ships before arriving at a space station. In the Amiga version, however, this little quirk has been rectified along with a few other discrepancies. While Elite is an extremely worthy piece of software, it is my opinion that FOFT beats it hands down in terms of 'realism', playability and content. After quite a while lost in the software wilderness, Gremlin have got back on the right track.
Gremlin have finally got it right with the Amiga version and FOFT is, to put no finer point on it, superb!
Amiga Computing (Sep, 1989)
Everything you possible wished for while playing Elite has been granted in FOFT. Talking to aliens, landing on planets, more music, more weapons, a selection of star drives – the lot! You even get a docking computer as standard. Criticising FOFT would be petty. Everything is great: The graphics, the music and the incredible gameplay. FOFT has obviously been written by someone who was not content to play the best space game available – he had to write it himself!
The One (Jul, 1989)
Before setting out to produce the Amiga version, author Paul Blythe compiled a list of FOFT buyers' grumbles and quibbles, and has rectified all of them, as well as generally chopping and changing the gameplay for the better. Any niggles people may have had about the ST version aren't present here, but graphically it's not quite so fast. On the plus side, the whole kit and caboodle (including the classical theme tune) has been crammed onto one disk.
Commodore User (Jul, 1989)
A long title with a game to match. Gremlin’s Federation of Free Traders is best summed up as the logical progression from Elite. It boasts enhanced graphics and increased features, but was heavily criticised in its original ST format. Several widely publicised faults were revealed. First off there were problems with the save game option, or lack of one, and the length of time it took to travel between space stations was phenomenal. Still Gremlin and FOFT’s programmers went back to their drawing boards, produced the Mist Sheen and orange cloths and cleaned up their act
Es hat sich also viel getan trotzdem, ich bin immer noch der Meinung, Elite ist besser! Und das, obwohl FOFT eigentlich viel mehr bietet. Aber nicht nur die Komplexität einer Simulation ist entscheidend, sondern auch die technische Umsetzung. Und da wäre bei FOFT auch jetzt noch einiges zu verbessern.
Selbst Grafik und Sound sind abwechslungsreicher als bei „Elite“ eigentlich sollte hier der Weltraum-Handel ein Genuß sein. Leider hat man bei all den Verbesserungen den Spielwitz ein bißchen vernachlässigt, außerdem ist die Steuerung zu umständlich ausgefallen. Na ja, zumindest finden „Elite-Junkies“ eine respektable Ersatzdroge, die aber wegen des bescheidenen Verkaufserfolgs fast nur noch als Restposten erhältlich ist.
While FOFT is a fair game, I hesitated to give it an unreserved recommendation. I did play a 'pre-release' copy, so there is still hope for perfection, as always.
Amiga Format (Sep, 1989)
Perseverance reaps its rewards but be prepared for a dull time until the later missions can be attempted. True to their word, Gremlin have improved FOFT, but it's still no Elite-beater.
Power Play (Sep, 1989)
Das Warten hat sich für Amiga-Besitzer nicht gelohnt. Wer ein gutes Spiel in dieser Richtung sucht, sollte sich auf alle Fälle “Elite“ zulegen: Hier ist der Spielspaß garantiert.
The graphics are smooth and fast. Gameplay is severely limited by the bad control method on the ship - it takes a few seconds for your ship to slow out of a turn which limits your battle prowess. Only really recommended to fans of this game style.