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Fire and Forget Amiga Title screen


User Reviews

There are no reviews for this game.

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 2.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 2.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 2.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.0
Overall User Score (5 votes) 2.2

Critic Reviews

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Info (Jan, 1989)
There's not much more you can say about Fire & Forget - there's just not much depth to it. You certainly don't need to waste time planning strategies. It is probably the most perfectly named game ever.
The objective in Fire And Forget is very simple - just blast everything in sight while avoiding enemy fire. Bombing down the road at high speeds is exhilarating and the action is fast and furious, but lack of variety in gameplay makes Fire And Forget less than memorable.
There's little to distinguish this from the ST version. The graphics are impressive and the sound good, but there's little lasting appeal.
Zzap! (Nov, 1988)
A poorly programmed Road Blaster variant. Easily forgotten (predictable comments inc).
All this would be forgiven if Fire and Forget was fun to play - but unfortunately it isn't. The sheer speed of the game makes it very difficult to react to oncoming hazards, so you end up sitting in the middle of the road pressing the fire button like crazy and attempting to run over the occasional fuel cone. Since this tactic allows you to go all the way through to the end, the game's appeal is very short-lived indeed.
Power Play (Sep, 1988)
Fire and Forget (auf deutsch: ballern und vergessen – wie treffend!) sollte man in der Tat schleunigst aus dem Gedächtnis streichen. Als „Road Blasters“-Fan sträuben sich mir beim Spielen die Haare. Wie kann man ein so tolles Spielprinzip nur dermaßen verhunzen? Ich finde es überhaupt nicht witzig, wenn ein paar dahergelaufene Panzer auf mich feuern und ich keine Chance habe, den Schüssen zu entwischen. Das Spiel ist schlichtweg zu schnell und chaotisch. Ob nun ein drei Monate altes Baby oder der Arcade-King persönlich spielt – die Punktzahl dürfte annähernd dieselbe sein. Am besten schließt man die Augen, drückt wie wild den Feuerknopf und hofft das Beste. Dann schon lieber auf Road Blaster für den Amiga warten.