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    An Interactive Horror Story.

    Have you ever been inside a horror story before?

    Imagine a chilling work of horror fiction where you are in control. When you begin The First Mile you're not just reading an incredible horror story; you are experiencing one firsthand.

    Like most horror stories, things start out simply enough. You're driving cross country to relocate to a new job. Your gas tank is almost empty and your stomach is too. Fortunately, an exit off the interstate comes up right there so you turn off to fill your car and your grumbling stomach.

    Just as you pull up to the gas station on the outskirts of town, a crazed man shoots the gas attendant dead. At point-blank range. With a shotgun. Then he turns the shotgun towards your car and takes aim at you! Your heart stops as he pulls the trigger! The roar of the shotgun and the tinkling smashing glass fills the air. Luckily, you ducked first. Your unknown nemesis raises the powerful weapon right at you, through the windshield and all. He pulls the trigger but nothing happens. Fiddling with the weapon doesn't help. The bedraggled killer glares at you before he runs off.

    What happens next? Only you can decide. The First Mile is a work of Interactive Fiction where anything is possible and everything is worth a try. You are the main character in this horror story and every move you make will either lead to your escape....or your death.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Aug 17, 2005.